Hammer KO true wireless earbuds
Hammer KO Sports wireless earbuds with long battery life
Hammer KO Sports Truly wireless earbuds for Men and Women
Hammer KO wireless earbuds with bluetooth 5.0
truly wireless earbuds for video calling
Hammer KO Sports Truly Wireless Earbuds With Touch Control
truly wireless earbuds for sports under 3000
Hammer KO Truly wireless earbuds with touch controls

Hammer KO Sports Truly Wireless Earbuds With Touch Control

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Hammer KO True Wireless Earbuds in India
Hammer KO Truly Wireless Earbuds in India under 3000

The Wireless Way

The Hammer KO Bluetooth Sports Truly Wireless Earbuds is facilitated with the Bluetooth V5.0 technology that allows 2 times accelerated communication and a well-built connection for the smooth functioning of the earbuds.
Hammer KO Snug Fit True Wireless Earbuds
Hammer Best True Wireless Earbuds in India

The Snug and Steady Blend

These sports earbuds are designed in a way that makes them a perfect fit while working out or playing a sport, the original ear hook design ensures the earbuds are in order throughout the session.

Smart Touch Approach

The Hammer KO comes in with a smart connect that helps you control calls and lets you shuffle through your most treasured playlist in the most trouble-free and secure way.  
waterproof truly wireless earbuds for sports
waterproof truly wireless earbuds for running - Hammer KO

Alive and Kicking in Water

The Hammer KO earbuds are IPX4 internationally certified making them water resistant and an ideal fit for daily wear under any water conditions.
Sports truly wireless earbuds with ear hooks
sports truly wireless earbuds with ear hooks

The Force of Gravity

KO sports truly wireless comes in a free-fall design with hooks attached, making a strong grip to secure the placement of the earbuds ensuring no fall or other movement all-day long.
Hammer KO true wireless earbuds sports
best true wireless earbuds under 3000

Chip in the Partnership

Auto pairing of the Hammer KO helps sync both the earbuds together without any complications providing smooth user experience.
Hammer KO true wireless earbuds with smart touch controls
KO Sports with smart touch controls

Command Away and Convey

The built-in microphone helps send a clear sound to the receiver canceling out any kind of annoying background noise, conveying top-notch sound quality at the receiving end.
Hammer KO Sports Truly wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0
truly wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 for long and better connection

All Fun and Play

The Hammer KO sports truly wireless supports a playtime of up to 5 hours and standby time of 60 hours in a single battery charge, Voila, now you don’t have to worry about your earbuds giving way during that intense match or that turning point in that movie you were watching!
best truly wireless bluetooth earbuds

Technical Specifications


About the Product

The KO earbuds brings in automatic pairing, premium audio quality, fall free design, smart touch control & light weight design.

Yes, new wireless earbuds have full touch controls design.

Both the earbuds can be used in a solo mode. You can switch off any of the earbuds whenever desired either manually or automatically by keeping one in a charging case.

The selected earbud will automatically enter in connection mode. 

To switch back into stereo mode simply take out the other earbud, it will automatically pair with each other.

Yes, you can easily answer or reject your phone calls by touching your earbuds.

Hammer KO earbuds have a remote music player controlled via the touch but it cannot store music in the device.

You can play, pause and switch to the next track by simply touching your wireless earplugs.

The audio quality during an ongoing call is very good in KO sports earbuds. Your call quality mostly depends on your network range of WI-FI or mobile data.

Currently these wireless earbuds do not have this feature.

No, these wireless earbuds do not have any internal memory.

No, currently Hammer wireless earbuds come only with noise isolation which makes them suitable to focus on your work without being distracted from your surroundings. Giving you an utmost experience of music.

Yes, Hammer KO wireless earbuds does have noise isolation support. With super comfortable earbuds it is easy to drown out the crowd when using these sports wireless earbuds.

You can select  from – 3 different sized ear tips(Small/Medium/Large) of Hammer KO wireless earbuds.You can check what's best for you, and get your perfect fit.

At the moment Hammer KO wireless earbuds come in one colour – Black. 

Yes, these wireless earbuds support stereo mode during calls and while playing music.

Just like your bed, it acts as a resting station and recharges the earbuds battery when not in use. The case has an in built charger to charge earbuds and keep them protected  from any external damage.

Yes! The earbuds are fully water resistant as they are IPX4 waterproof. So no worries of getting wet...Yay! Although it is advised to wipe dry the earbuds before keeping  them in a charging case as that is not waterproof.

Let’s Get Started with the New Hammer KO Wireless Earbuds

Power On (for the first time use)

Before connecting your Hammer KO TWS Earbud, make sure you have fully charged them for the first time.

Simply take the earbuds out of the charging case, they will automatically turn on or you manually switch them ON by touch control for 3 seconds.

The earbuds will pair with each other automatically. 

Connection With phone 

Turn your phone/audio source Bluetooth on and search for 'Hammer KO Wireless' and pair accordingly. 

That's it you're all set to immerse yourself  in music.

Firstly, Check the connection between the earbuds. See if the non- working earbud is charged properly.  

Try to factory reset the earbuds and pair them again, if still nothing works  then you can contact us and raise your concern at – info@hammeronline.in

We are happy to help you!

1) What if one earbud of my Hammer KO wireless earbuds is not working at all?

Please get in touch with us at +919991108081 or drop us an email at info@hammeronline.in

2) Is there a warranty for Hammer KO sports wireless earbuds?

Yes, Hammer KO earbuds come with a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date it is delivered to you.

3) What is the procedure for the registration of a product's warranty?

Please  go through the provided link to register for the warranty of product –https://hammeronline.in/pages/product-registration

4) Does Hammer KO wireless earbuds come with a mic or without a mic?

Yes, your Hammer KO wireless earbuds come with an in-built mic.

5) Is a single earbud available for Hammer KO wireless earbuds if misplace one of them?

There is no policy for such a mishap. The earbuds are available  only in a pair.

6) How can I adjust the volume on KO wireless earbuds?

 You can adjust the volume on earbuds via your phone. 

Battery & Charging

The Hammer KO Wireless earbuds come with a big battery. It gives you upto 5 hours of playback of non-stop usage on one single charge and additional 15 hour with charging case i.e. total playtime of 20 hour.

Charging case- 500mAh

Earbuds- 50mAh

The charging time for your Hammer KO wireless earbuds charging case is 2 – 3 hours. Please unplug Hammer KO wireless earbuds from charging after 3 hours of charging.

The charging time for these wireless earbuds is 30 – 45 minutes.

Yes, you can charge your Hammer KO wireless earbuds charging case with your PC/laptop USB port.

No, your Hammer KO wireless earbuds do not support fast charging.

The Red indication light on the back side of the charging case will glow with fluctuations.

When the case will be fully charged, the red light glows without any fluctuations.

No, your Hammer KO wireless earbuds do not support wireless charging. It has Mini USB type charging.

No, Hammer KO wireless earbuds cannot be charged without the charging case.

Please check the charging cable or try another data cable for the charging. Also check the charger you’re using working properly or not. Check the lights are blinking or not in the charging case in case full charge.

or In this case, you can reach out to us at – www.hammeronline.in

Hammer KO Wireless Earbuds Compatibility

Yes, these are compatible with all iPhones.

Yes, Hammer KO is compatible with all Android phones.

Yes, these sports wireless earbuds can be connected to any laptop/computer as long both the devices have Bluetooth connectivity provision.

Yes, your Hammer KO wireless earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth V4.2 devices but they are best suited for Bluetooth V5.0.

The earbuds have the latest version of Bluetooth i.e. version 5.0 which works smoothly upto the radius of 10 meters without any obstruction between the devices.

These earbuds are compatible with both iOS  and Android  so Yes, you  can have the assistance of  both Siri & Google Assistant on your  earbuds.

You can activate this by triple tap on any earbud.


No, you cannot buy replacement ear tips or the ear hooks from the company for your earbuds. Try not to damage them.

No, physically broken wireless earbuds cannot be repaired or replaced.

Hammer KO wireless earbuds come with a charging case, extra ear tips, user manual and a charging cable.

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