About Us

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The only ones on track

Hammer, India’s first Athleisure tech brand delivers high-quality TWS audio gadgets and fitness bands. Over decades the movement towards Athleisure clothing and devices have given rise to wearables that are contemporary, multifunctional and comfortable yet athletic. 

A journey from an impulse

Hammer inspires and promotes an active lifestyle. The monotonous routines of our day jobs make us lethargic, with no time to stay fit, active, and healthy. Hammer switches you into active mode in an instant. Activity keeps you going, with HAMMER pumping up the experience for you.

HAMMER’s a Transition, not a tool

Hammers are hardware tools used to deteriorate or physically remould objects. Hammer devices remould the inactive you into an active and fit you.

Experience Hammer

Experience matters Hammer’s focus since inception. Designs led by athletic looks and comfort, with the best in quality. Hammer’s ever expanding product line-up perfectly matches all your personal and professional requirements.   

Stay tuned!

We evolve each day, competing against ourselves to bring you new technology every time. We combine comfort, durability, and performance at the most affordable price.