Who Are We?

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We are the only one on the track

Hammer has placed itself as India’s first Athleisure tech brand delivering high-quality TWS audio gadgets and fitness bands. Formerly, the word Athleisure came into existence in the late 19th century and took pace in the 20s, giving rise to comfortable yet athletic wear. Eventually, The Athleisure wear industry began to expand by adding in more and more brands day by day. Eventually, Hammer came into limelight as an Athleisure tech brand


The journey started with an impulse

Hammer emerged as an inspiration to promote an active lifestyle amongst busy people. Walking along the 9-5 routine does make people lethargic and within their dull monotonous routine, they do not find time to stay active or devote time to fitness. Hammer's team dwelled upon a similar idea and wanted to feed them with something that could help them become active at an instant. That’s how Hammer actually came to reality.

With our Hammer, we say that you’ll switch to an active being. Being active doesn’t only account for spending hours in the gym; it defines itself as anything that keeps you going. That’s the pump you’ll experience.

Hammer is just not a tool, it is a Transition

Hammer is a hardware tool and is usually used to deteriorate something or remold its physical shape. That’s where we picked up the idea and named our brand Hammer. We are disseminating a message that with Hammer, we SMASH THE LAZY YOU and mold you into your active side. 


Experience Hammer

Experience matters the most and at Hammer that is something we have set our focus on since our inception. With athletic look and comfort in every design, Hammer products ensure the best quality. We believe in standing beside the customer throughout the product life cycle because their satisfaction is our sole aim. Our products match perfectly with personal and professional requirements. We ensure that there is something for everyone and with our ever-expanding product line-up; we are closer than ever to achieve this goal.


Stay tuned!

We are unstoppable and we would continue to bring in new technology aggressively every time. We evolve every day and compete only against our old selves. We’ll continue to combine comfort, durability, and performance at the most affordable price.