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Hammer KO Mini Bluetooth Earbuds with Touch Controls and Voice Assistant (Black)

Hammer KO Mini Bluetooth Earbuds with Touch Controls and Voice Assistant (Black)

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Crafted to Complement

Discover how the ergonomic design of the earphones marries comfort and aesthetics. It is the perfect music companion for prolonged listening because of its lightweight design. No matter how active your lifestyle is, they stay in place thanks to the snug fit. It improves your appearance and comfort anywhere, from the gym to the office.

Dive In With Waterproof Confidence

KO Mini is your audio ally on every journey, whether achieving your fitness objectives or dancing in the rain. Your spirits and your sound won't be dampened by even tiny droplets thanks to its IPX4 water-resistant rating. Your music collection becomes the soundtrack to your active life with KO Mini Bluetooth Ear Buds, flowing as freely as the water-resistant construction.

Connectivity that Has No Limits

Never let a distance get in the way of your musical connection. It redefines connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0, providing a reliable and effective link up to 10 metres away. Switch between devices and genres easily, letting the beat of your life keep pace with your music.

Bluetooth Brilliance, Crafted Sound Design

The 13mm sound drivers are more than parts; they're your entryway to a rich audio experience. Allow each note to resonate with depth and clarity, giving you the impression that you are sitting in the front row at a live concert. Your soundstage serves as the canvas, and fills it with the vivid tones of a full audio experience.

Power Up with Speed

The Type-C quick charging offered by KO Mini Wireless Earbuds excels in a world where time is of the essence. Say goodbye to extended recharge times. Your audio trip is unbroken with it, and you may resume enjoying the music that moves you right

Your Voice, Your Command

The touch controls are more than just buttons; they're your gateway to comfort. Use taps to easily navigate your music library and switch between calls and music. KO Mini Wireless Earbuds makes your commands come to life when you easily activate your voice assistant.

Let the Sound Waves Ignite Your Senses:

Take in music at its most basic. Modern sound wave technology used by it records all of the minute nuances of each track. Each sound, from the quietest whisper to the thunderous crescendo, paints a different color on the canvas of your emotions. Immerse yourself in an imaginative audio universe.

A Vision of Vibration

Its sleek and contemporary style matches your taste and makes a statement wherever you go. Technology and fashion are harmoniously merged with KO Mini Bt Earbuds, giving you a glimpse into your individuality.

  • MRP: ₹3,499 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Generic Product Name: KO Mini
  • Registered Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103
  • Customer Care Contact Details: 99911-08081
  • Telephone Number: 0180-4008081
  • Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103

Help Desk

Product Manual



The Hammer KO Mini Bluetooth Ear buds feature 18 hours of total playtime, 13mm sound drivers, fast charging Type-C, IPX4 water resistance, Bluetooth v5.0, touch controls, and voice assistant (black).

Hammer KO mini Offers Playtime
of up to 3-4 hours on single charge

Hammer KO mini Offers Total
Playtime of up to 18 hours with the charging case.

Hammer KO Mini provides with best quality 13mm sound drivers.

Yes, Hammer KO Mini offers smart touch controls with multifunction touch sensor button, with the help of which, you can play/pause music, go to previous/next track and answer/hang-up calls easily.

Yes, Hammer KO Mini lets you access instant voice commands such as Siri/Google with smart touch controls.

Yes, Hammer KO Mini are IPX4 water-resistant and can withstand few splashes of water.

No, Hammer KO Mini are not water-proof and can’t be used in the shower. Hammer TWS are only water-resistant.

Weight of the all new Hammer
KO Mini is only 20 grams and are portable and easy to carry

Yes, you can use Hammer KO Mini with your TV or laptop only when they support Bluetooth connectivity.

Yes, Hammer KO Mini allows you to accept or decline calls with smart touch controls.


To start with, firstly make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your device. Search and select Hammer KO Mini in the list of available devices in your phone. A Prompt can be heard when paired successfully.

Press and hold the button on Hammer KO Mini and you can connect them with a new device or reset with an existing device.

Before panicking, check if the non-working ear bud is charged and well paired to your device. If it's not the case, try reconnecting them. If the problem still persists then raise your concern to us on – 9991108081 or mail us on info@hammeronline.in.

Hammer KO Mini Ear Buds can be turned off by placing them back in the charging case.

This might be due to a disruption between the Bluetooth connectivity between the Hammer KO Mini ear buds and your mobile device. Check that your Hammer KO Mini are well connected with your Mobile device.

Power Up & Battery Refueling in Hammer KO Mini

The charging time for the Hammer KO Mini is 2 - 3 hours. Please unplug the ear buds charging case from charging after 3 hours.

Yes, you can charge your Hammer KO Mini with your PC/laptop using USB cable.

The lights on the charging case will
keep glowing without any fluctuations. This lets you know that your Hammer KO Mini are fully charged.

Yes, the Hammer KO Mini supports fast charging capacity.

Hammer KO Mini supports Type-C fast charging.

No, you cannot charge the Hammer KO Mini ear buds and case separately.

Hammer KO Mini TWS Compatibility

Yes, the Hammer KO Mini is compatible with all iPhones and android phones supporting
Bluetooth connectivity.

Yes, the Hammer KO Mini can be connected to any laptop/computer as long both the devices have Bluetooth connectivity.

Hammer KO Mini wireless ear buds offers Strong Bluetooth v5.0 Connectivity with 1-Step Pairing Wireless Connectivity.

The Bluetooth range is 10 meters without any barrier in between the Hammer KO Mini and the device connected.

Yes, you can use Siri & Google Voice Assistants on the Hammer KO Mini and use instant voice commands.

Hammer KO Mini Accessories

Hammer KO Mini comes along with Ear buds, Ear tips, Charging Case, Type C Charging Cable, and User Manual in the box.

Hammer KO Mini offers 6 months of warranty from the date of purchase of product.

Yes, the Type-C charging cable is offered along with the Hammer KO Mini in the box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
nc tws

my most fav earbuds ko mini

very good tws

ko mini black is very good tws , im using this product from last 1 week nd i dont see any kind of problem in this

Good product

I love this product resnebale price and pocket friendly

very good earbuds

very cool and pocket friendly tws :)

very good tws

iss range me bahut badiya earbuds ....worth it

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