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Hammer Airflow True Wireless Earbuds Hammer Swing Bluetooth Earphones Wireless (Combo Black)

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Hammer Pulse 2.0 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
Hammer Pulse 2.0 bluetooth calling smartwatch
Hammer Pulse Blood Oxygen
Smart watch for monitor blood oxygen

Health on point

Pulse 2.0 smartwatch is one stop for all your health checkups. It measures the Blood oxygen level, Blood pressure and calorie count accurately, thereby maintaining a healthy body.
smartwacth with calling
best smartwatch for calling

Call Like a Pro

The ultimate Hammer Pulse 2.0 has a calling feature which means one can dial and attend calls through the smartwatch that too with an ease.
1.69'' large display smartwatch with long lasting battery life
Hammer Smartwatch with Calling

Inexhaustible Battery

Pulse 2.0 has a long lasting battery to last for complete 7 days or otherwise dependent on the usage of bluetooth calling. The Battery is tougher and durable making Pulse 2.0 smartwatch a complete package.
Hammer pulse 2.0 for Calling
Best Smartwatch for Calling in India at Best price

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About the product

Hammer Pulse 2.0 is the most feature rich smartwatch having a full touch screen, a bigger display, multi sports mode and an extended battery life of up to 7 days. It has Bluetooth calling, monitoring of Heart Rate, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen Levels, Sleep, weather & has call / messages notifications.

Yes, Pulse 2.0 has a full 1.69” HD touch screen display.

Pulse 2.0 is IP67 rated. Pulse 2.0 is backed by an international standard rating of IP67. It is deemed fit enough to sustain dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1 meter underwater for up to thirty minutes. Using Pulse 2.0 in hot water bath, sauna and ocean / sea / river water is not recommended and will be damaging to the working of the watch.

No, Hammer Pulse 2.0 should not be used while swimming. Pulse 2.0 is IP67 rated and splash resistant.

This smartwatch does not have any camera.

No, Pulse 2.0 does not have any option to see photos on the watch.

Yes, you can decline calls from Hammer Pulse 2.0 Smartwatch.

Yes, the Hammer Pulse 2.0 has a watch finder option. Open the App 🡺 Go to Device 🡺 Others 🡺 Find Device.

 Then Watch will Vibrate.

This watch has a remote music player when paired with the Da Fit App and with smartphone but it cannot store music on the watch.

This watch cannot play music to the Bluetooth headset. It can only be paired with the phone and Da Fit App.

No, the Pulse 2.0 smart watch does not have an always-on screen.

Yes, you can change the watch faces via the Da Fit App.

Turn on the screen of the smartwatch 🡺 Go to Stopwatch feature 🡺 Press play to start the stopwatch 🡺 Press pause to pause it. Long press the button to exit the stopwatch.

Pulse 2.0 comes with the monitoring sensors for the following features - Heart Rate, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen Level & Sleep.

No, Pulse 2.0  smartwatch do not come with GPS / WiFi.

Pulse 2.0 smart watch comes with a user manual and a charging cable.

Hammer Pulse 2.0 is the best smartwatch for men.

Hammer Pulse 2.0 Smartwatch is the best smartwatch for women.

Let’s Get Started with the New Hammer Pulse 2.0

This may be due to breakage in the connectivity between Pulse 2.0 and Da Fit App. Please check if the watch and your smartphone are within Bluetooth range and the alerts have been turned-on in the Da Fit App.

Long press the button on the smartwatch to restart this.

Power Up & Battery Refueling Hammer Smartwatch.

This smartwatch comes with upto 7 days battery capacity. Depending on the usages of the watch with calling and without calling.

Charge the Pulse 2.0 smart watch for approx 2 hrs. Once the display will show 100% charged, unplug it from the charger.

You can check the battery level on Hammer Pulse 2.0 or on the Da Fit App. Open the App and go to the Device page.

Battery life can be extended by turning down the brightness level, turning off the Wrist Sense feature. Also, you can turn off the continuous Heart Rate Monitoring from the App and also turn off vibration.

Hammer Smartwatch Syncing & Working with the App

Hammer Smart watch syncs data via Bluetooth connection and Da Fit App.

Da Fit App for Hammer Smartwatch.

The app for smartwatch is Da Fit App.

Manage Da Fit app profile from the Mobile. Open the Da Fit App 🡺 Go to User 🡺 Choose Profile and feed the data.

The language in the Hammer smartwatch can be changed through Da Fit App as follows: Open the App 🡺 Go to Device and select Others 🡺 Select Language and choose from different languages.

You cannot connect with friends on the smartwatch.

Open the app, on the home screen, you can find various reports including Steps, Outdoor Running and Training data.

The units of measurement can be changed via Da Fit App. Open the App 🡺 Go to Device 🡺 Others 🡺 Unit System.

Notifications in Hammer Pulse 2.0 Smartwatch.

Yes, Pulse 2.0 smart watch shows push notification for the social networking apps those are synced with Da Fit app.

This might be due to break in the connectivity between Pulse 2.0 and the Da Fit App. Check your phone and the watch are within Bluetooth working range and the alerts have been turned-on in the Da Fit App.

Yes, it is possible to see messages and caller information on Pulse 2.0  when you get message and call notification as long as the Pulse 2.0  is synced with the Da Fit App.

Turn on the call notification on the Da Fit app to see incoming call information.

You’ll get notified of the messages on Pulse 2.0. We can read the messages at the time of notification. Note: Messages once read will not be stored.

You’ll get notified of the calls on Pulse 2.0. Since the watch is on vibration notification mode, there is no need to silence the incoming calls.

Yes, we can take phone calls on the watch directly. Once the watch is connected with your phone you can make and receive calls directly on your watch.

Hammer Pulse 2.0 Smartwatch Features.

Hammer Smartwatch estimates the number of calories burned out on the basis of your activity duration, steps taken and distance covered.

Pulse 2.0 smart watch can detect heart rate both manually & automatically.

You can see the heart rate on the Pulse 2.0 smart watch only when you are wearing it on your wrist and there is no space or gap between the watch and wrist.

Yes, Hammer Pulse 2.0 will measure sleep data even if the watch is not connected with the App. The data will be synced to the app once it is connected.

Yes, Pulse 2.0 smart watch has a pedometer.

Yes, Blood oxygen (SpO2 levels) as well as Blood pressure can be checked on Pulse 2.0 smartwatch.

Pulse 2.0 Compatibility

Yes, Pulse 2.0 smartwatch is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 8 and above.

Yes, Pulse 2.0 smartwatch is compatible with all Android version 4.4 and above.