Hammer true wireless earbuds in India under 2000
Hammer Solo 3.0 Truly Wireless Earbuds
Hammer Solo 3.0 best true wireless earbuds with touch control
Hammer truly wireless earbuds under 2000
Hammer Solo 3.0 Long Battery Life
true wireless earbuds with bluetooth 5.0
Hammer True Wireless earbuds with Touch Control
Hammer Truly Wireless Earbuds with Voice assistent
Hammer Wireless earbuds with 6 Month Warranty

Hammer Solo 3.0 Long Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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Hammer Solo True Wireless Earbuds
Hammer Solo Best true Wireless Earbuds

Pause and play as per your demand

The Hammer truly wireless Solo 3.0 offers the user liberty to stop and play as per their wish with a playtime of up to 3.5 hours in a single charge and a standby time that can go up to 120 hours, keeping it convenient and hassle-free for the end-user.
Hammer Solo True Wireless Earbuds
Best True Wireless Earbuds

Design that will make you Shine

The Hammer Solo 3.0 has been designed differently, giving an elongated look to the earbuds makes them stylish in appearance. The design of the TWS earbuds helps maintain balance while operating and also keeps them from falling while performing different activities throughout the day making them a perfect fit for any affair.
Hammer Solo 3.0  True wireless earbuds with touch control
Hammer Solo 3.0  truly wireless earbuds with touch control

Roll with the smart touch control

The smart touch control present in the Hammer TWS solo 3.0 makes it extremely user-oriented saving all the trouble in the smartest way in a single touch.
Hammer Solo 3.0 wireless bluetooth earbuds
Hammer Solo 3.0  True wireless bluetooth earbuds

Cordless with Bluetooth

Go cordless with the latest Bluetooth technology facilitated in the Hammer Solo 3.0 that provides non-stop pleasure on a days that are stressful swapping them into happy ones within minutes!

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About the product

Hammer Solo 3.0 wireless earbuds have come with stylish Black and White colour finish. They have long play time and Bluetooth V5.0 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). The audio quality is crystal clear.

Yes, these wireless earbuds have touch controls.

Yes Hammer Solo 3.0 has IPX3 rating. Gadgets supporting an international standard rating of IPX3 are considered good enough to resist a little sprinkle of water. Note: It cannot be used in shower, swimming, sauna, hot water bath and ocean / sea water. This will be damaging to the working of the earphones.

Yes, you can decline / reject calls from the Hammer Solo 3.0.

Yes it has touch controls for playing music when paired with your mobile phone but it cannot store music.

The Solo 3.0 comes with a pair of earbuds, a charging case, user manual and a charging cable.

Open the charging case, the sensor switch will auto on the earbuds. Then take out 1 earbud from the case. Turn on Bluetooth of your mobile device and select “Hammer Solo 3.0” from the pairing list. You will then hear a voice that says that you are “connected”. Now you can listen to music and even receive calls. The Hammer Wireless earbuds also support incoming calls.

Yes, Hammer Solo 3.0 earbuds features button control that can be used to change tracks.. Short press the touch button to play/pause the music. You just have to long press the right touch button to play the next song and the left touch button for the previous one.

The calling quality is amazing as long as the Wi-Fi or phone network does not interrupt.

No, these wireless earbuds do not announce caller name or number on incoming calls.

No, the Hammer Solo 3.0  true wireless earbuds does not have any internal memory.

No, these earbuds do not have any active noise cancellation support.

Yes, these wireless earbuds have the noise isolation support. With super comfortable earbuds it is easy to drown out the crowd.

Hammer Solo 3.0 comes with super comfortable earbuds. They are comfortable for all kinds of ear sizes.

At the moment your Hammer Solo 3.0 comes in two colours – black & white. Stay connected with us for more colour options.

Technicalities of the New Hammer Solo 3.0

Before connecting the Hammer Solo 3.0 truly wireless earbuds, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your phone. Search and select Hammer Solo 3.0 from the list of available devices in your phone. A pairing prompt voice can be heard when connected successfully.

Please get in touch with us at info@hammeronline.in or call us at the following phone numbers 0180-4008081 / +919991108081

Yes, there is a 6 month manufacturing warranty for the Hammer Solo 3.0. 

Please follow the LINK or scan the QR code on the product box to register for the warranty


Yes, this truly wireless earbuds comes with a mic.

Power Up & Battery Refueling

Hammer Solo 3.0 comes with a huge battery capacity of 400 mAh charging case and 40 mAh for earbuds.

The charging time for these earbuds is 1 – 2 hours. You have to unplug it from charging after 3 hours.

Yes, you can charge these wireless earbuds with your PC/laptop.

No, this does not support fast charging.

When you put the charging case on charging then LEDs will flash 1,2,3 till 4. When all 4 LEDs are blinking it means the case is fully charged.

No, these earbuds do not support wireless charging. It has Mini USB type charging.

Please get in touch with us at info@hammeronline.in or call us at the following phone numbers 0180-4008081 / +919991108081

Hammer Solo 3.0 Compatibility

Yes, Hammer Solo 3.0 truly wireless earbuds is compatible with all iPhones.

Yes, Hammer Solo 3.0 is compatible with all Android mobile phones.

Yes, this can be connected to any laptop/computer as long as both the devices have Bluetooth connectivity provision.

Yes, these wireless earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth v4.2 devices but they are best suited for Bluetooth v5.0.

The Bluetooth range is 10 meters without any barrier in between the devices.

Yes, there is Siri & Google Assistant accessibility on this. 


Replacement ear tips of different sizes are provided with the box.

No, physically broken Hammer Solo 3.0 cannot be repaired or replaced. Use carefully to avoid any physical damages.

No, physically broken truly wireless earbuds cannot be repaired or replaced. Use carefully to avoid any physical damages.

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