Hammer Nail Wired Earphones
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Hammer Nail Wired Earphones
Best Hammer Wired Earphones
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Hammer Earphones
Wired Earphones
Hammer Nail Wired Earphones
Hammer Nail Wired Earphones

Hammer Nail Wired Earphones

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Worst quality product- Hammer nail wired earphones

It's extremely disheartening to write a review directly to the CEO, Mr. Rohit Nandwani, that your product's quality is extremely poor. The sound quality is not up to the mark. I'm sorry to say that the wired earphones we get in Mumbai local trains (Rs.100- Rs. 150) are far better than your Hammer Nail wired earphones. At least try to match their standards in terms of product quality and sound quality. There is not even a branding name on the product. The earphones were enclosed inside the box without any cushion or support. This is the second time I received the product like this. The previous product was damaged, with one side earphone not working. The only thing I liked about Hammer is the customer care support. They immediately responded to my issues and got me a new earphone within 5 days. There was no invoice inside the box. If you are selling refurbished products, it should be notified while placing an order. I bought this product at Rs. 196 from the Dpanda website. I would rather prefer to buy other brands' products even if the price range will be higher. This was my first and last experience with Hammer. I will never recommend anyone to buy Hammer products.

Abbas Ali

Some technical issues

Devashish Rajesh

Bad Sound quality
Hurts my ears

Rudransh saxena

Hammer Nail Wired Earphones

Varun Prasad

Hammer Nail Wired Earphones