Why Sleep is Important and How to Track Good Sleep?

After a rough day at work, when we return home, then the only thing we need is good sleep. Many people don't get enough or quality sleep due to stress. After a good sleep, you will be much fresher in the morning and do your work with more power.

A person's overall health depends on the quality of sleep. Better to get a good sleep because our body will recover all the damages and repair the cells while sleeping, which helps us to be fit for another day. There are some crucial points on why one should have a good sleep.

Improves concentration

If you sleep well at night, it will increase your concentration the next day. Many studies proved that if you don't get enough sleep, you will not concentrate on your work properly. You'll feel dizzy all day just because of poor sleep.

Health risk

Most of our health problems start with an inadequate sleeping schedule. It has been proven that a person with a poor sleeping schedule is most likely at risk of getting heart disease. Sleep quality and time do matter for health as they help our body perform its functions properly.


Depression is one of the major problems involves with sleep. Most of the time, a person with depression is likely to complain about poor sleep quality.

Maximize workout performance

A person with a good sleeping schedule is seen to be more active in athletics. In a study on players, the speed, accuracy, and reaction time of a person improves with longer sleep. On the contrary, a person who didn't get a good quality sleep cannot perform well while working out.

So that's why good sleep is essential. You can also track your sleep. There is a variety of products available in the market to track your sleep, as the Hammer pulse smart watch can help you with that as it comes with much more features. Not only sleeping time, but you can also check your blood oxygen, blood pressure and, many more.                                                        

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