History of Truly Wireless Earphones

Gone are the days where we spent our precious time untangling the crumpled and twisting the irritating earphone wire that ended up spoiling our entire mood before we even began watching our flick or listening to our favourite artist!

The only reason we allowed this to happen was either because we could not afford the Truly Wireless Earphones or just did not feel the need for the same.

Who made the first truly wireless earbuds

But now the scenario has changed and oh my god, it has in a major way! Once all the major brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Oneplus, Oppo, Hammer, Boat, and many others stepped up and created this whole new category of earphones which were completely wireless and offered the best, hassle-free, and convenient audio experience.

The TWS earphones were finally affordable and offered a good price to quality ratio and that too through various forms of factors and feature sets. The Truly Wireless Earphones out there presented the option to buy a product which was unique in its own fashion, which in itself was a huge leap from the traditional wearable.

But how did the wireless earphones suddenly become so popular and which were the very first truly wireless earphones?

Who made the first truly wireless earbuds/ earphones?

The very first truly wireless earphones were made by a Japanese company named Onkyo in the year 2015. They made their first pair and launched it in September 2015, they called it “Onkyo W800BT”. Onkyo wireless earphones went out and laid down a precedent and pioneered in this category of a product which had major possibilities of being accepted by the consumers.

But as the very first of its kind, it obviously had some issues! The first truly wireless earphones faced problems with its Bluetooth connectivity, short battery life, with complaints from users about the uneven sound quality execution while some others even felt that the wireless earphones were a cause of discomfort while using in comparison to the wired earphones.

Best Truly Wireless Earphones

But despite all these issues it would be safe to say that they were not too bad for the first truly wireless earphones ever! On the bright side, many people did think that they looked great and had a convenience factor hooked to them.

The popularity of these truly wireless earbuds was so much that it even inspired Apple, a top player in the market to come up with their own design and once it did, the boom really came in this category, and with that, the other major players in the competition understood and hopped on the trend bringing in the different set of features on the table. With a bunch of options in hand people really started to come out of their comfort zones and decided to experiment with the sound experiences.

And now undoubtedly we can say that this journey of TWS earphones have birthed a product that is a staple necessity for everyone in today’s day and age, because be it as apparel or the functional aspect, The truly wireless earphones have become an essential commodity to top and compliment our style and standard of living. So without any delay seize this wonderful opportunity and get your hands-on the best truly wireless earphones to experience the magic for yourself!

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