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Mini Pods
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IPX5 Rated | Bluetooth V5.3
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Airflow Lit
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Bluetooth V5.1 | Voice Assistants
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Gaming TWS | Bluetooth V5.3
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TWS | ENC | Bluetooth v5.3
Airflow Plus
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13mm Drivers | Bluetooth v5.1
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KO Mini
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Bluetooth v5.0 | IPX4 Rated
KO Pro
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Bluetooth v5.3 | Touch Control
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Bluetooth v5.3 | Touch Control
KO 2.0
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TWS | 13mm Sound Drivers
Airflow 2.0
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TWS | 10mm Sound Drivers

Earbuds to Match Every Requirement

TWS or True Wireless Stereo has captured the tech space in no time. The hassle- free experience of attending calls, better work from home and binge watching has made TWS a popular tech innovation.

With a superior sound quality, unbeatable audio experience and inexhaustible battery, HAMMER bluetooth earbuds fit perfectly into everyone’s requirement. Built with a premium finish, these wireless bluetooth earbuds are capable of stealing the attention of the room.

HAMMER True wireless earbuds are specially designed to meet the comfortability of its end users along with an HD sound quality. The smooth and uninterrupted sound quality makes these earbuds a pro in its competitive space. The TWS product range is built in with the latest Bluetooth technology i.e Bluetooth V5.0 for clearer and distance friendly network up to 10 meters.

These true wireless stereo earbuds are versatile and can feed multiple requirements perfectly without switching between audio gadgets. Whether you’re following an intense workout routine, binge watching your favourite show or attending calls on the go, a HAMMER earbud is all that you need. These are compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Most of the HAMMER earbuds have Insta wake & pair technology which means these can be paired instantly as soon as they are turned on.

Leaning on the affordable side, HAMMER Bluetooth earbuds come with IPX waterproof standards. This means they are tougher to withstand the droplets of water and can be worn with a carefree attitude.

Switch to a smarter side by owning the HAMMER TWS vibe