Uses of Fitness Band to Track Daily Activity

Did the sudden motivation to become fit, ended with jogging shoes and a fitness band on your wrist? Well now that you’ve finally bought it, it’s time to put it to some use because as much as we want it to be true we know it definitely won’t magically make you fit.

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So let us now know about all the different ways of using a fitness band.

  1. Setting up new goals: Did you know that the average number of people only walk about 5000 steps or less a day! Setting up new goals is a key feature that most people find tremendously helpful in these fitness bands, one can start with a simple and attainable goal to help you get things moving and grooving in no time! Goals can be set up to either to track the number of steps or monitor your sleeping hours making sure you never compromise on that beauty sleep, and not to forget the great joy and satisfaction one receives each day after completing goals and motivating the user to move ahead each day!
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  1. Exercise and activity tracking: Apart from tracking the number of steps walked each day, the fitness bands can also be used to track various exercises and activities such as outdoor running, cycling, swimming, freestyle, and many others, that will provide you with details such as the time taken, distance traveled, calories burned, routes followed, and so on giving the user a perfect idea about the exercise or workout.
  1. Healthy competition with peers: These bands help you connect with your peers and track each other’s performances, helping the users to build a healthy competition and motivate each other to set and achieve new heights, this also influences you to try your best and do better every day!
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  1. Health alerts: Fitness bands have a special feature, you can fix a limit to how high your blood pressure or heartbeat goes, whenever the limit is exceeded, your hand vibrates to alarm you before any near disaster, you can also use the idle alert feature to remind you when you have not done any movement for a long time, this helps you stay healthy and gives your body an occasional workout!
  1. Notification and text alerts: Almost all of these bands have a mobile app through which you can connect your fitness band, this is an underrated feature but it is extremely helpful! While you are busy or out on a jog, you will get your text messages and call notifications right on your fitness band screen, this is a very effective feature and you don’t have to fiddle around for your phone, you can also hang up calls straight from your fitness band, this feature comes in handy for busy people such as corporate works and housewives who do not have the time to look up for calls and messages each time on their phones.

Now that we have a bunch of different ways that we can put our fitness band to use let us talk about the pros and cons of the same to paint a better picture of the fitness band.


  • Clearer insight of activity levels: Fitness bands are a great instrument that provides proper insights of all the various activities performed providing the users with a reality check and helping them bridge the gap between where they are currently at and where they aim to go with their goals.
  • Enthusiasm and get up and go attitude: Fitness bands are a great motivator for the users helping them uplift their spirit and indulge in healthy competition, and move forward in their journey of being a better version of themselves.
  • Reliable tracking: Fitness bands provides you with reliable hard data that help you track your progress consistently helping you achieve all your fitness goals.


  • Skin irritation: Fitness bands can many a times cause skin irritation on the wrist. This might happen due to the sweat or bacteria trapped under the same further causing rashes and itching. Efforts to clean the band thoroughly from time to time and wearing it not too tightly and only when clean and dry are some ways that can prevent any skin disease.
  • Cannot calculate all activities: As much as we praise the feature of fitness bands being able to monitor all our activities and providing us with detailed data, there are a few activities such as GPS tracking for a serious runner, no recognition of external resistance and some others are a few activities that have been excluded from this feature.

With that, we can conclude from this is that a fitness tracker brings more good than bad to the table, sure it does have a few drawbacks but they seem insignificant when weighed against the health benefits and the potential it unlocks in the user to do better and to be better, so get your hands on one as soon as possible and see the result for yourself!

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