Diwali Campaign 2k23

Hammer Lifestyle’s Diwali Campaign (‘23) is curated around the theme ‘Values that stay, Lifestyle that changes’. This Campaign aims at staying true to our traditional values as we progress into modern lifestyle.



Modernity here translates to a progressive state of living; with gadgets and humans collaborating to achieve an efficiency like never before. At the same time Hammer believes in promoting our traditions and cultural values that have existed for long in our Indian Society. This amalgamation of Modernity and Traditionality is at the heart of this campaign. Through the Campaign Film we have explored various venues where Hammer Lifestyle products integrate perfectly with an Indian Household as they prepare for the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Hammer’s tagline ‘Re-Imagining Lifestyles’ serves as rudimentary to the Diwali Campaign. Through the campaign itself we explore festive venues as the perfect occasion to a switch towards Smart Lifestyle Products. At nominal prices, the high-end gadgets of Hammer i.e. Smartwatches, Truly Wireless Earphones, Headphones and Toothbrushes come across as an apt choice this Diwali.

This Diwali, Hammer is heading towards promotion of utility based and tech-oriented gifts that are healthier, durable and a smarter choice. This Diwali gift your loved ones the bliss of Lifestyle with Hammer Smart Products.