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Hammer Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch  with 1.85 inch display

Hammer Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with 1.85 inch display

Sale Price:Rs. 1,499.00 Regular price Rs. 4,999.00 Sale price
  • Large display watches
    1.85'' Display
    500 Nits Brightness
  • Bluetooth Calling Feature
  • Sports Modes Features
    Sports Mode
  • Spo2 Monitoring Feature
  • Waterproof Feature
    IP67 Water
  • Calling Mic
Best fitness activity tracker smartwatch

60 Active Sports Modes

Let the Ace 4.0 be the ultimate fitness tracker for you. Keep track of your health with 60 active sports modes and stay fit!

Best Bluetooth Smart Watch
Best calling watch

Embrace Active Living

Unleash your inner athlete and start a fitness journey. With the varied selection of 60 sports modes offered by Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Smart watch, you are prepared to succeed in any endeavor. Every mode, whether it be yoga, running, swimming, or cycling, is made to capture the specifics of your performance and support your success in the discipline you have chosen.

Health Information at Your Fingertips

Make your health journey a priority with Ace 4.0's extensive health tracking features. To achieve appropriate oxygen saturation, monitor your Spo2 levels and your heart rate patterns closely. You can keep an overall perspective on your health thanks to the addition of blood pressure monitoring.

Connected Effortlessly

Utilise the dual-mode function of Ace 4.0 to master the art of multitasking. Connect to two devices simultaneously and easily manage your personal and professional obligations. This skill lets you maintain a stable online presence and improves your overall effectiveness.

Best dual mode smart watch
Multiple watch faces smartwatch

100+ Cloud & Customised Watch Faces to Express Yourself

With Ace 4.0's vast selection of 100+ cloud and personalized smart watch faces, your wrist becomes a blank canvas for personal expression. Match the watch face to your state of mind, the situation, or your attire to let others see your individuality in just one glance.

Voice at Your Command

Use Siri and Google, the built-in voice assistants in Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch, to communicate easily. Your voice becomes the ultimate control method for your smartwatch, allowing you to send messages, set reminders, access information, and even make calls.

Smart Watch with Voice Assistant
Large Display Smart Watch

1.85" IPS Display

Get ready to be mesmerised by the spacious 1.85" IPS display of the Ace 4.0's immersive magnificence. Every element is brought to life on the screen in stunning clarity. The display's outstanding brightness and quality provide an unmatched visual experience whether you're checking notifications, monitoring
your health, or exploring apps.

Unyielding Strength

With its strong battery performance, Ace 4.0 smart watch defies constraints. Use without interruption for up to 5 days and for up to 2 days if Bluetooth calling is enabled. Ace 4.0 is your dependable companion whether you're navigating a hectic weekday or engaging in weekend excursions.

Water Proof Smartwatch

Built-in Speaker & Mic for Crystal Clear Conversations

With the better built-in speaker and mic of the Ace 4.0smart watch, communication takes on a new dimension. Say goodbye to muddled calls and interruptions; modern technology ensures your voice is heard as clearly as possible. Ace 4.0 turns every discussion into a fluid flow of ideas, whether during business conversations or private chats.

  • MRP: ₹4,999 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Generic Product Name: Ace 4.0
  • Registered Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103
  • Customer Care Contact Details: 99911-08081
  • Telephone Number: 0180-4008081
  • Address:Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103

Help Desk

Product Manual


About the product

Hammer Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Smart Watch comes with the largest 1.85" IPS Display, Dual mode for connecting 2 devices at a single time, Magnetic Charging, Spo2 tracking, Split Screen, Instant
Voice Assistants, Heart Rate monitoring, In App GPS, 60 sports modes along with Strong Metallic Body & Skin Friendly Straps.

Hammer Ace 4.0 offers the largest 1.85” IPS display smartwatch which allows more clarity and easy accessibility even under the sun.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 provides the
functionality to accept and decline calls.

No, Hammer Ace 4.0 does not provide any camera however, you can control the camera of your mobile device with the use of smartwatch.

No, we can’t see pictures on Hammer Ace 4.0.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 smartwatch is IP67 water-resistant and can take few splashes of water.

No, Hammer smart watches cannot be used while swimming. Ace 4.0 is IP67 water resistant and can stand against few splashes of water.

Yes, Ace 4.0 provides you with the
feature to play music when connected to the mobile device but does not provide you to store music on the smart watch.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 has a find
watch option. The simple steps are- Open the App - Go to Device - Others - Find Device. The watch will start Vibrating and you can easily locate your watch.

Yes, Ace 4.0 comes with 100+ cloud
and customized watch faces which allows you to switch between them as per your choice.

No, Ace 4.0 does not allow you to play music to a Bluetooth headset. It can connect only to a mobile device.

No. Ace 4.0 does not provide
always-on screen feature.

Yes, Ace 4.0 has in-built GPS which
offers direct accessibility through Hry Fine app but it does not have Wi-Fi.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 provides you
with stopwatch feature. The simple steps are- Turn on the screen of the smart watch - Go to the Stopwatch feature - Press play to start the stopwatch - Press pause to pause it or Long press the button to exit the stopwatch.

Yes, Ace 4.0 comes with many
sensors that could help in tracking your daily routine and health measures. This includes Spo2, heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, step counter etc.

Hammer Ace 4.0 offers user manual
and the magnetic charger as the accessories.

Let’s Get Started with the New Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Smartwatch

This may be due to disruption in
the connection between Hammer Ace 4.0 and Hry Fine App. Please check if your smartwatch and your mobile device are within Bluetooth range and if the alerts have been turned on in the Hry Fine App.

Power Up & Battery Refueling

Ace 4.0 comes with 4-5 days of strong battery backup.

You can
track the battery level of Hammer Ace 4.0 either on the watch display or through the Hry Fine App.

Battery life can be extended of
your smartwatch by less using Bluetooth calling or turning down the brightness level or turning off the automatic heart rate measurement via the Hry Fine App.

Put your Hammer Ace 4.0 watch on charge
for a minimum of 2 hrs. Once the watch gets 100% charged, unplug it from the charger.

Syncing & Working with the App

Hammer Ace 4.0 syncs data through
the Bluetooth connection with mobile device and with Hry Fine App.

Hry Fine App

The App used
for best accessibility with Hammer Ace 4.0 is Hry Fine App.

language on the Hammer Ace 4.0 can be changed via Hry Fine App with these simple steps- Open the Hry Fine App – Go to Mine section – Click on Bracelet Settings – Click on Language settings - Choose your desired language.

You can manage your profile from Hry Fine App with the following steps. Open the Hry Fine App – Go to Mine section – click on your name or photo.

We can change the units of
measurement on Hammer Ace 4.0 through the Hry Fine App. Follow these simple steps: Open the Hry Fine App – Go to Mine section – click on your name or photo – Click on my information – Click on unit settings – choose your desired unit.

Hammer Ace 4.0 does not offer you
to connect with friends on the watch.

Yes, you can
track your workouts with Hry Fine app with these simple steps. Open the Hry Fine App – Stay at health section – - Go to movement tab - Choose from walk, run, cycling or indoor and you get your workout tracking reports.

My Notifications

Yes, Hammer
Ace 4.0 allows you to see notifications from different social networking apps that gets automatically synced with Hry Fine app from your mobile device when

This could
be due to disruption in the Bluetooth connectivity between your smartwatch and Hry Fine App. Check both the devices if they are in Bluetooth range or reconnect both the devices. Make sure that alerts are in active mode in the Hry Fine App.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 provides you
with the feature to accept/ decline calls on the watch.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 allows you to
see messages and caller information when connected with Hry Fine App.

Yes, Hammer
Ace 4.0 allows you to read the incoming messages in the notifications section. Make sure that message notifications are in active mode on Hry Fine App.

Ace 4.0 Watch Features

If the smart watch is not connected
to the Hry Fine App, Hammer Ace 4.0 will still synchronize your sleep data. The data will be synced to the app once the connection is established between the two devices..

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 does have a

Yes, we can track Heart rate both
manually & automatically on Hammer Ace 4.0.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 offers Spo2 tracking features which helps you to track the blood oxygen levels.

Hammer Ace 4.0 tracks the number of calories burned out upon your activity duration, steps taken and distance covered.

You can see heart rate on your
Hammer Ace 4.0 or Hry Fine App with the sole condition that you must be wearing the smartwatch on your wrist.

Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Watch Compatibility

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 is compatible
with all iPhones versions iOS 8 and above.

Yes, Hammer Ace 4.0 Watch is compatible
with all android versions 4.4 and above.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
About all over

I like the most variable look n connectivity to the mobile.after style in hand so comfort ....feel gud ....overall idel hai...affordable n worth for over money ....

good battery capacity

I love the battery capacity of this watch

Hammer 2.0 active plus

Excellent watch

Superb Smartwatch

Premium product with premium featured smartwatch. I bought it for my wife and she liked it very much. Cristal clear call quality. Loved it.

Abdulqadir Ratlamwala

Hammer Ace 4.0 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with 1.85 inch display

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