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Hammer Ace 3.0 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with 1.85 inch Largest Display

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60 Sports modes

To keep you active everytime, everyday!

100+ Cloud & customized watchfaces

New Day, New look!

IP67 Water resistant

HAMMER Ace 3.0 calling smartwatch is IP67 water resistant. This means the smartwatch can withstand a low pressure water sprinkle from any direction.

Dual mode for calling

Connect your phone with two devices at a time


About the product

Hammer Ace 3.0 has the ever largest 1.85” digital display with 5 menu styles. It comes with In App GPS, find my phone and many health tracking features. It also has Bluetooth calling, 60 active sports mode, 100+ cloud and customized watch faces, dual mode, instant voice assistants and a variety of new features

Hammer Ace 3.0 offers the biggest ever 1.85” IPS display that allows more clarity and convenient accessibility even under the sun.

Yes, Hammer Ace 3.0 is IP67 water-resistant but not waterproof and can hold out against splashes of water.

No, Hammer Ace 3.0 does not have
any camera but you can control the camera of your mobile device with the smart watch.

No, we can’t see photos on Hammer
Ace 3.0.

Yes, Hammer Ace 3.0 does provide a
find watch option. Open the App - Go to Device - Others - Find Device. The watch will start Vibrating and you can easily find your watch.

Yes, Ace 3.0 allows you to play
music in connection to your mobile device but does not allow you to store music on the smart watch.

Yes, Ace 3.0 offers 100+ cloud and
customized watch faces which allows you to switch between them as per your convenience.

Yes, Ace 3.0 provide you with many
sensors that could help track you your daily routine and health statistics. This includes Spo2, heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, step counter etc.

Yes, Ace 3.0 has in-built GPS which
can be directly accessed with Hry Fine app but it does not have Wi-Fi.

Let’s Get Started with the New Ace 3.0

This may be because of deterioration in the connectivity between Hammer Ace 3.0 and Hry Fine App. Please check if yourwatch and your mobile device are within Bluetooth range and if the alerts havebeen active mode in the HryFine App.

Power Up & Battery Refueling

Ace 3.0 provides with 5-7 days of strong battery capacity.

Put your Hammer Ace 3.0 on charge for at least 3 hrs. Once the watch shows 100% charged, unplug it from the magnetic charger.

Battery life can be extended by less using Bluetooth calling on watch or turning down the brightness level or turning off the automatic heart rate measurement via the app.

You can check the battery level of Hammer Ace 3.0 either on watch display or on the Hry Fine App.

Syncing & Working with the App

Hammer Ace 3.0 syncs data via
Bluetooth connection and Hry Fine App.

Hammer Ace 3.0 works best with Hry Fine App.

You can manage your profile from Hry Fine App with these steps. Open the Hry Fine App – Go to Mine section – click on your name or photo.

The language on the Hammer Activecan be changed via Hry Fine App as follows:

Open the Hry Fine App – Go to Mine section – Click on Bracelet Settings – Click on Language settings - Choose your desired language.

You can track your workouts from Hry Fine app with these steps. Open the Hry Fine App – Stay at health section – - Go to movement tab - Choose from walk, run, cycling
or indoor and you get your workout statistics.

The units of measurement can be changed via Hry Fine App. Open the Hry Fine App – Go to Mine section – click on your name or photo – Click on my information – Click on unit settings – choose your desired unit.

My Notifications

Yes, Hammer Ace 3.0 shows you notifications from social networking apps which gets synced with Hry Fine app from your mobile device.

This could be due to deterioration in the Bluetooth connection between your watch and Hry Fine App. Check your devices if they are in Bluetooth range or reconnect the watch with mobile phone. Make sure that alerts have been turned
on in the Hry Fine App

Yes, it is possible to see messages
and caller information on Hammer Ace 3.0 as and when regularly synced with Hry Fine App.

Yes, you can read the incoming messages on Hammer Ace 3.0 in the notifications. Make sure that message notifications are turned on in the Hry Fine App.

The watch will start vibrating if
there is any call, there is no need to silence the incoming calls.

Ace 3.0 Features

Hammer Ace 3.0 calculates the
number of calories burned out on the basis of your activity duration, steps taken and distance covered.

Heart rate can be tracked down both manually & automatically on Hammer Ace 3.0.

You can see heart rate on your
Hammer Ace 3.0 or Hry Fine App only when you are wearing it on your wrist.

If the smart watch is not connected
to the Hry Fine App, Hammer Ace 3.0 will still measure sleep data. The data will be synced to the app once it is connected.

Yes, Hammer Ace 3.0 do have a

Yes, it is possible to check blood oxygen levels on Hammer Ace 3.0.

Ace 3.0 Compatibility

Yes, Hammer Ace 3.0 is compatible
with all iPhones running iOS 8 and above.

Yes, Hammer Ace 3.0 is compatible
with all android versions 4.4 and above.

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