What is Blood Oxygen and How to Check?

Blood oxygen is the level of oxygen present in the body. IT indicates the oxygen levels present in blood flowing through the arteries. It is also known as Arterial Oxygen.

In the present pandemic scenario, monitoring the blood oxygen level of the body is a necessity as it somehow acts as an indicator of coronavirus in our body because coronavirus affects the lungs, and hence it restrains the capacity of the body to take adequate oxygen.

To Curb this problem, Hammer presents before you the Hammer pulse smartwatch, which comes equipped with a Pulse oximeter, a revolutionary technology that monitors users' pulse oxygen level, anytime, anywhere they want.


As we know, the wearable industry has come a long way since it arrived in the market scene. Modern-day wearables aren't just stepped trackers that track you everywhere you go and how much distance you have covered or an extension of a smartphone to access basic features of the smartphone without having to use the smartphone itself. While these services in wearables are inarguably necessary, but the present-day smartwatches aren't just limited to that; they are now acting as a full-proof health and fitness tracker.

Modern-day man has resources and facilities in abundance but is severely deficient of time, time to ensure his proper well-being. Hence, the hammer pulse smartwatch, with its complete fitness and health tracking technology, comes to rescue us amid the hectic schedule one possesses.

The Hammer Pulse oximeter smartwatch gathers the necessary health data and notifies if something isn’t right. One of the primary things to keep in mind is your blood oxygen saturation rate. It must be at around 95% for healthy people, although lower rates are not much surprising and relatively common. However, consistent readings below the threshold of 90% might indicate the time for a visit to the doctor. They can ensure and double-check the readings' accuracy and recommend further steps.

Hammer Pulse Oximeter

A fitness tracker with a pulse oximeter proves to be handy for the people who are looking to get healthier and integrate exercising into their routines. The readings can are essential to interpret whether you can handle the increased activity, which is a great tool to keep track of your health and fitness levels. If you are over-exhausting yourself, your levels will drop to a lower level, indicating that you need to step it down and take it easy. Also, for alpine enthusiasts who climb up high elevations with thin air, this device is crucial and very useful.

Pulse oximeters are also instrumental in detection of disorders such as sleep apnea. This is because the Hammer Pulse smartwatch tracks you and your data throughout the entire night. It also helps in keeping track of and detecting the signs of early sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, a sleep disorder, causing the affected ones’ breathing for during the night for short periods. This often leads to snoring and the sufferers not feeling well and fresh even after a long sleep.

Hence the right thing to do in this pandemic and beyond it generally is to get yourself a wearable such as a Hammer Pulse watch for men that possess not only all the modern features of wearable but also ensure correct and complete health monitoring so that you are there for your loved ones always!

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