What are the Benefits of Bluetooth 5.0?

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is the wireless technology which is used to exchange data between two electronic devices like mobile, earphones, headphones, PC, Laptop etc. It can transfer data in the short distance.

Bluetooth 5.0

When a technology is launched in the market it comes with its basic features and it'll be updated time to time. When any technology gets updated then it's called a new version of that. Same Bluetooth also has many versions.

Bluetooth with version 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth technology. It comes with many improvements in this. With this latest version you’ll get a strong connection in long distance. You can easily pair with any Bluetooth enabled device.   

When your device is upgraded to the latest version you’ll never get instant results or benefits from that, if you are using old version Bluetooth accessories. Bluetooth is compatible to all its older versions, so you can easily use all of your accessories with the Bluetooth 5.0 mobile device.

Bluetooth Low Energy in Truly Wireless Earbuds, Headphones and more.

In the old Bluetooth many improvements are made to make it Bluetooth Low Energy specification.  It was named Bluetooth 4.0. There was another Bluetooth which was consuming more power named by classic Bluetooth radio, these both were different. This Bluetooth 4.0 was designed to reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth devices like wireless earphones, Headphones, wireless keyboards etc.

wireless headphones in India

Let’s take an example of a wireless headphone which is not using or communicating with Bluetooth Low Energy. So that wireless Bluetooth headphone is using more power instead. With the Bluetooth v5.0 all the Bluetooth enabled devices are using Bluetooth Low Energy. Which means these devices are using low power and increase the battery backup as well give long battery life.  Now most of the Bluetooth enabled devices are using Bluetooth Low Energy modules. Like most truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds are using Bluetooth 5.0.

Hammer is an audio tech brand which is using Bluetooth 5.0 technology in its all truly wireless earbuds and wireless earphones.

With the Bluetooth 5.0 you can connect two different devices with one mobile and play music on both.

Let’s take an example: you are having a pair of truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds connected to your phone. And you are listening to music on both at the same time. With this you can connect your wireless earbuds with two different phones. A solo earbuds can be connected with different phones and play music.

And if you have two wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 and both are in different rooms. You can connect them with a single phone and play the different songs on both headphones. So both headphones play the same different music from the single mobile.

wireless portable speaker with Bluetooth 5.0

This feature is called : “Dual Audio” on many mobiles phones. To use this  feature you need to connect your wireless headphone or speakers to the mobile and turn on the Dual audio feature. Then you are ready to play two different songs on two different devices. This is not only a Samsung mobile feature. This is enabled by Bluetooth 5.0 and you can also find this in other manufacturer’s devices too in future.

The Bluetooth 5.0 gives high speed for data transfer and long distance range. We can also say that searching for a Bluetooth device and pairing speed is faster. And the connection will never lose in the long distance as compared to older versions.

The Bluetooth standard organization’s official Bluetooth marketing material announced the new updated version of the Bluetooth 5.0 has 4 times extra range, 8 times the sending message capacity and 2 times the speed from the older version of Bluetooth. Now this time also these updates make use of Bluetooth Low Energy, so devices can get benefits of saving power.

Bluetooth 5.0 latest technology bluetooth

In the comparison of the Bluetooth 4.2, the Bluetooth 5.0 enables devices having up to 2 mbps data transfer speed which is double from this. These Bluetooth devices can also communicate over the distance up to 240 meters / 800 feet. Which is four time to Bluetooth 4.2 is allowed 60 meter/200 feet. However, signals will be weak between walls and other obstacles as they do with Wi-Fi.

The aptX compression standard said that the speed of the audio quality in the CD is upto 1 Mbps. In the Bluetooth 5.0 speed is 2 Mbps which is better wireless audio quality.

Devices are commonly selected for better speed and longer range. Bluetooth 5.0 is having better speed and working in the greater range.

If you want to know all the technical details of the Bluetooth 5.0, you can check the specification of Bluetooth 5.0 online. Android authority also describes the and having the deep technical look about the Bluetooth 5.0, how it is different from other Bluetooth.

Hammer’s all wireless products are having the Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. You can get better music experience with this by strong and long distance connection.

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