Smartwatch With Bluetooth Calling - A Mini Mobile Phone

A smartwatch is a great invention of all times. Earlier in the time, people used to wear analog watches only. But now in this digital age, we all have become obsessed over smartwatches with calling features. This Bluetooth calling smartwatch is like a mini phone as you get the same features as your phone but on a small screen. You can have complete contacts and calling lists in your hands, and can have complete access over your phone with just a Smartwatch.


Sounds interesting! right?

With the increase in the number of extraordinary features available in a smartwatch, the availability of smartwatch brands in the market is also increasing. Smartwatches have become more like a tech wearable inducing a smarter lifestyle. So let's take a look at what a smartwatch can do.

Your smartwatch is your mini smartphone 

Most smartwatches with calling work via a Bluetooth connection and need an application to be installed. When you pair your smartphone to your Bluetooth calling watch, you will get all the calls and messages on your smartwatch too. You can receive, reject and even attend calls through it. Hammer Pulse 2.0 and Pulse 3.0  which are the best smartwatches with Bluetooth calling that are available at an affordable price. You can also read text messages and WhatsApp messages with it. You can also manage your phone's notifications and set your prioritized Notifications for your desired app.


Bluetooth calling smartwatch


Fitness tracker

Fitness is a vital factor for everyone. People are becoming more concerned about their health and are improving their lifestyle patterns. Keeping the same in mind, Smartwatches are built to serve as a fitness tool. It tracks your all-day activity, like step count, calories burnt etc. With it, You can set reminders to stay hydrated all day. You can also set your daily goals, and your watch will remind you to achieve them. Further, You can track your sleep cycle.

Health Rate Monitoring

Ever thought of monitoring blood oxygen with a watch?  

Well, the new age smartwatches are dolled up with health tracking features to make that possible. With these smart watches, You can check your blood oxygen level, blood pressure, body temperature, and calories burned. 

A good battery life

This Bluetooth calling smartwatch comes with good battery life to help you get through days without charging it. Generally a Smartwatch can run for 5-7 days approx with Bluetooth calling. So you don’t have to worry about charging it frequently. Whenever the battery drains out, it takes 2-3 hours to get fully charged.  


hammer bluetooth calling smartwatch


With the advancement in Technology, People are starting to love automations, it doesn't matter what the field is. A Smartwatch is a good invention and investment for one who wants evolution from those traditional watches. If you are looking to buy a Bluetooth calling smartwatch at an affordable range, Here’s serving you the exact match i.e Hammer smartwatch range

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