Smart watch - Your New Fitness Coach

Since the launch of wearable devices, this piece of technology has skyrocketed through the consumer electronic market. Wearable devices have become more popular than they were before.

Hammer Pulse Smart Watch

Previously these wearable devices were very costly and not accessible to everyone. But now due to high demand, many electronics companies have innovated and managed to bring these devices to the affordable stage where it is accessible to almost everyone even on a low budget.

Now even after wearable technology products have become popular, people still wonder what this piece of technology can do or help us achieve.

Wearable technology like Smartwatch is basically an extension to the user’s smartphone. They are shaped like a watch and have a functioning touch display that basically allows controlling the users’ smartphone remotely. They can help perform actions like answering phone calls, previewing messages and also at the very basic tell the time because, in the end, they belong to the watch family.

Being a Smartwatch, these devices are always on the users’ wrist. These devices can actually help the user make changes in their health and fitness by making the smartwatch their new fitness coach and here’s how one can benefit and improve their fitness by using a smartwatch.

  1. Counting your steps:- Smartwatches come equipped with technology which can actively track when user is walking and also measure the distance of the users’ full trail. In addition to this, the smartwatch also keeps track of the number of steps taken by the user as this can be some very insightful information for the user. These smartwatches calculate the steps by using the built-in pedometer.
    Hammer Pulse Smart Watch Track walking distance
  2. Setting Goals:- The Smartwatches have built-in applications that allow the user to set certain daily goals that encourage and motivate the user to actually get up and make a move. These applications offer certain achievements and rewards to actually compete the goals set by the user.
  3. Workout Reminders:- The Smartwatch always reminds the user to go for their daily workout. And helps the user be regular with heir daily workout schedule. And as we all know being regular is the hardest part of our fitness journey and a smartwatch helps in a way to keep the user on track.
  4. Fitness Apps:- The smartwatches can be loaded with fitness apps that can help guide the user in their fitness journey. These apps can help the user meet their individual fitness Goals.
  5. Sleep Tracking:- One of the most important parts of any fitness regime is to get an adequate amount of sleep and the smartwatches can track if the user is getting enough sleep every day and also remind the user to occasionally take a nap to get even with their sleep schedule.
  6. Music on the go:- The Smartwatch is portable so the user can use their smartwatch to play music while working out. Researches show that music while performing exercises increases the overall performance of the person and increases the capacity of performing strenuous activities.
  7. Syncing data for analysis:- The smartwatch actually collects data and syncs it to the users’ phone so that the user can get a detailed report. The user can use this detailed report to tweak their fitness routine and increase efficiency.

Smartwatches are slowly gaining popularity and are surely the future of wearable technology. Smartwatches are like an extension to the user’s phone and always keeps the user Up to date with everything happening with their smartphone.

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