Hammer Solo 3.0: A Solution to all Your Phonic Problems!

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

Hammer is here to introduce the brand new Hammer Solo 3.0 – an exciting addition to your device collection.

This true wireless earbuds comes in an elite wireless design with an extensive bass quality that comes with an individual set of left and right earbuds.

Hammer Solo 3.0 True Wireless EarBuds

With the V5.0+EDR low using Bluetooth version that goes up to 10+ meters range in open spaces and battery life that can withstand 3 – 3.5 hours operation along with a standby time of 80 – 120 minutes in a single charge of 90 minutes.

The Bluetooth latest 5.0 version in the Hammer solo 3.0 that comes in with the Bluetooth low energy feature makes sure there is a reduction in the power usage making the earbuds last longer. Along with that the upgraded speed and range that the Bluetooth V5.0 inbuilt in these truly wireless earbuds are exactly what makes the Hammer Solo 3.0 a hit in the market.

Let us now list out some of the factors that make the Hammer Solo 3.0 unique in the consumer market.

  • Self-Activating: The Hammer solo 3.0 has the self-activating feature embedded in them wherein the auto sensor present in the stereo automatically turns them on or off on the opening and closing of the case lid. The same can also be done manually through the touch sensor present in the earbuds.
  • Unique Design: The long beautiful and unique design of the Hammer solo 3.0 is what makes them a steal with its optimal position of comfort and simplicity.
  • Connecting the Earbuds: These earbuds can be connected individually or in a pair depending upon the choice of the user, simply by pairing it to Bluetooth where a blue LED light lights upon a successful connection.
Hammer Solo True Wireless earbuds
  • Accepting or Rejecting Calls in a Single Click: The Hammer solo 3.0 gives you the liberation to receive calls simply by clicking the right or left button or reject the same by a long pause on the same buttons.
  • Voice Assistance: Hammer solo 3.0 comes in with inbuilt voice assistance that can be set in motion by pressing the button to the left three times.

Apart from these factors some of the key highlights of the truly wireless earbuds are:

  1. Dustproof Mesh: The truly wireless earbuds comes with a mesh that is dustproof that will help you keep your earbuds neat and clean at all times.
  1. Sweat Resistance: The Hammer Solo 3.0 are also made to be sweat resistance, providing them with protection and taking away from all your worries while you go for that run or the high-intensity workout.
  1. Versatile Buttons: The multi-functional buttons help you perform different task like adjusting volume, accepting and rejecting calls and activating voice assistance without any hassle.

Best True Wireless Earbuds

  1. In-Built Microphone: The in-built microphone helps you have uninterrupted calls, cancelling out traffic and other background noises along with having recorded a crisp and clear audiotape each time.
  1. Micro USB Charging Point: The truly wireless earbuds comes with a micro USB charging point making it appropriate for the user.

So now join us in the launch of the Hammer Solo 3.0 which marks the beginning of the new future with many more awesome products to enhance your audio experience with Hammer!

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