Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones under 2000

Since the introduction of the Sony Walkman, Stereo Headphones have been popular among consumers. And now it has been quite a while since the first introduction of Headphones. In the beginning, all headphones used to come with a wired 3.5mm jack.

But now with the growing technology people prefer to go wireless as it is way more convenient and easier to use. The headphone market took another rise with the introduction of the wireless headphone. The wireless Headphones are convenient and because consumers are preferring wireless over wired, many headphone manufacturers are ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack, and now wireless is the way to go.

Hammer Bash Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Previously consumers had this misconception that wireless means poor sound quality, low battery life, poor connectivity but this is not the case. With the recent advancement in technology, these drawbacks have been rectified and wireless headphones perform at par with their wired counter-part.

How long do Wireless headphones last?

When the wireless versions of headphones were launched, they lacked battery life. It was one of the major drawbacks of wireless headphones. But nowadays wireless headphones come with decent battery life and an alternative of a 3.5mm cable. This cable can be used as an alternative when the headphone runs out of juice.

What is the noise-cancellation feature?

Wireless headphones are known for the amazing sound quality they deliver. To enhance the overall sound quality, wireless headphone manufacturers have added this new technology to cancel out the outside surrounding noise and provide the user with a fully immersive sound experience to the consumer.

Headphones might look like a simple term but actually, there is more to it than what appears. The different types of headphones are explained below.

In-Ear Headphones

These earphones are the smallest in size and are ultra-portable. These headphones are also referred to as earbuds. The wireless counterpart to these earbuds is the truly wireless earbuds. These in-ear headphones usually come with smartphones and are also manufactured by many audio tech giants.

The pros of these headphones are -

They are highly portable, they can fit in the users pocket and be taken out for use as per the user’s convenience. They are ultra-light and can be worn all day without them being a hassle.

These headphones have amazing noise isolation feature as these in-ear headphones are plugged directly into the user’s ear canals which do not allow the surrounding noise to meddle with the audio produced by the headphone.

These headphones are the most preferred headphone type when it comes to workout. People prefer this headphone as they are extremely lightweight and portable.

The cons of these headphones are -

The sound quality is not at par as compared to the larger headphones. This is due to the small form factor of the headphones. Usually, a larger driver leads to better quality and these headphones miss out on that.

The wire, these headphones might get tangled easily and the best counter to this is to go for truly wireless earbuds but then comes in the price factor and the truly wireless earbuds are not in the same price range as the wired in-ear headphones.

On-ear headphones

The on-ear headphones are the medium-sized headphones available in the market. These headphones sin right on the user’s ears. The Band connecting the two drivers van go either over or behind the users head. These headphones also come in both wired and wireless models.

The Pros of these Headphones are -

These headphones are portable. They are not as portable as in-ear headphones but these are made for people who want portability without compromising the overall sound quality produced by the headphone.

These Headphones have better sound quality as compared to the in-ear headphones as these headphones have a comparatively larger audio driver.

These headphones come with a better battery life. More the battery life, more the fun

The cons of these Headphones are -

These headphones come with the noise-isolation feature but they are not the best as these headphones sit directly on the user’s ears so there might be instances that the surrounding background noise may interfere with the audio.

These headphones are not as portable as the in-ear headphones and might be a hassle to carry sometimes.

Over-ear Headphones

The over-ear headphones are the biggest in size when compared to the other

over the ear wireless bluetooth headphones

headphones. These headphones cover the whole ears. These are the headphones which people usually refer to when speaking of headphones.

The pros of these headphones are -

The over-ear Headphones have the best sound quality. The big audio drivers provide the best output. Some of these Headphones have custom audio drivers depending upon the work they are being purchased for.

These headphones have the best battery life. They last almost the entire day and also usually come with the 3.5mm cable as an alternative.

The most comfortable headphone in comparison to the rest of the headphones. These headphones have large earcups which comfortably sit over the user’s head.

The cons of these Headphones are -

Their size. These headphones are bulky and huge in size. This makes them less portable and harder to carry around.

Usually, these headphones are very expensive because of their custom drivers and larger batteries.

Considering all these factors and now that we have looked in-depth of what Headphones are, the most common factor that we can establish is that the larger the headphones the higher the price goes. Everyone cannot afford expensive headphones.

Consumers, you need not worry as Hammer has got you covered.

Hammer specializes in making quality products at affordable prices.

The most recommended Hammer headphone is the ‘Hammer Bash’. This headphone has all the features that a high-end headphone has and plus it is wireless.

Hammer has a range of in-ear and over-ear headphones that you can check out at and also other leading e-commerce websites.

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