Benefits of Hammer Pulse Smartwatch: COVID Special

Smartwatches nowadays have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Gone are the days when wearables were only limited to one or two features, and smartwatches were considered as just an extension of your smartphone. Since the introduction of smart wearable technology, the smartwatches have come a long way. Present day smartwatches act as the ultimate and complete health and fitness trackers, bound to make your lives more sophisticated than ever.

Hammer Pulse smart watch

The above discussion has become more practical in the present COVID scenario, where there is great importance of tracking our health almost constantly. Today’s busy working class human has resources and opportunities of monetary well- being in abundance , but severely lacks the adequate time required to care and nurture his own health. Well keeping this in mind, we at Hammer have curated just the right thing for you!

As we know , the coronavirus enters into the body through nose and mouth and develops its roots into the lungs and hence , tends to solidify them eventually , making the arterial oxygen level severely low which is the chief reason for casualties. The indicator that can be measured and monitored for arterial oxygen level or blood oxygen level is called pulse oxygen level, the ideal pulse oxygen level ranges from 95- 100 , while above 90 is considered satisfactory and anything below 90 is considered unhealthy Hammer smartwatch has the much needed technology of pulse O2 monitor to measure and monitor the pulse oxygen level , importance of which has already been described above.

The pulse oximeter in Hammer smartwatch will serve as an early indicator in detecting the onset of Coronavirus infection in our body and a deadly condition called COVID pneumonia. This is important when there are no conventional symptoms of coronavirus in the body such as fever and cough etc. decreased oxygen levels of the body will help the medics to detect the COVID pneumonia straight away without having to wait for the shortness of breath to occur Hence, timely detection of the disease will lead to effective cure and recovering stages and in this way Hammer pulse smartwatch can potentially, be called a ‘lifesaver’.

Another benefit of using a Hammer Smartwatch is that it can detect the Blood pressure and body temperature also. These are the more common symptoms of coronavirus infection, infact fever is one of the first reactions of the body to the infections in diseases like COVID 19 which is a type of influenza. Hence, measuring your body temperature with the help of a Hammer Pulse Smartwatch is necessary and if anything goes wrong, you can check your rising body temperature using Hammer Smartwatch.

Hammer Pulse smart watch body temperature

Yet another benefit of buying the Hammer Smartwatch in this coronavirus pandemic is that it can measure and monitor the heart rate and blood pressure levels which are general indicators of your overall health. Specifically speaking, if there is coronavirus infection in your body and because of that you are experiencing shortness of breath, then your heart rate can change abnormally to dangerous levels. With the use of a Hammer Smartwatch, you can easily monitor your heart rate from time to time that will keep you updated about your heart health, always.

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