Best Fitness Tracking Smartwatch App for Android & iPhone - Hammer Fit App

All the fitness freaks, get ready to welcome your partner in workout and other active chores, as we are going to launch one of our best fitness tracking app for smartwatchHammer Fit App” on 24 May 2024. This innovatively designed application is your perfect solution for all your sporty needs. Be it your gym sessions or a regular jog, this free to download app for smartwatch will keep you moving even in adverse conditions with its advanced functionalities.

Below are the seamless details of the Hammer Fit App that will undoubtedly make you install and use this application ASAP!

Intuitive In-app features of Hammer Fit App

In-app Fitness program & Meditation training: This app allows users to receive personalized workout and meditation plans. One can also use AI assistance to analyse user data and recommend fitness goals.

In-app GPS: Integration of GPS functionality in our newly launched smartwatch app significantly enhances its utility by providing accurate tracking of outdoor activities such as running, cycling, hiking, and walking. 

Menstrual cycle tracking: Girls can simply log their menstrual periods, including start and end dates using our app.

Sleep tracking: Now get daily notifications at your wrist regarding your sleep schedule and its patterns to never compromise on your health.

Heart rate, BP, and blood oxygen monitor: Get all the important health vitals instantly including step counting and calorie updates, by using one of the best fitness app for Bluetooth smartwatches.

 Water Intake reminder: Regular hydration is important for all body activities. With this app get personalized reminders for water hydration goals.

Alarm, shutter, weather, time format settings: Stay updated as his app allows users to set multiple alarms for different times and days, provide hourly and daily weather forecasts, set different time settings and offer various shutter modes.

Daily quotes: Plus, this app comes with a daily basic quote of the day that prominently displays on your smartwatch. One can use different settings to make personalized changes in the quote display timings and alerts.

Compatibility with the Latest Hammer Watches

Making your life easy, the Hammer fitness smartwatch app is compatible with Pulse 2.0, Pulse 3.0, Pulse 4.0 Arctic, Tussle, and Conquer. This comprehensive app for smartwatch is free to download and easy to install for both Android & IOS. Our smartwatch app for iPhone has a stunning UI and is a must-try fitness application.

Here's what our founder Rohit Nandwani has to say on the Hammer Fit app launch " We're thrilled to unveil our comprehensive smartwatch app Hammer Fit, designed to revolutionize your wellness journey. With free In-app fitness programs and meditation training, we're bringing personalized health guidance right in your hands. Plus, our advanced features like In-app GPS tracking, menstrual cycle monitoring, sleep analysis, and health tracking ensure that you stay on top of your health goals every step of the way."

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