hammer ultra flow electric toothbrush combo of blue and pink
hammer ultra flow electric toothbrush combo blue and white
hammer ultra flow electric toothbrush combo white and pink
Hammer Ultra flow pink electric toothbrush
hammer ultra flow blue cordless toothbrush
6 Brushing Modes in ultra flow electric toothbrush
Super Sonic Technology in Electric Toothbrush
Hammer Ultra Flow Electric Brush
electric brush
Hammmer Ultra flow toothbrush pink
motor toothbrush

Hammer Ultra Flow Electric Toothbrush - Combo of 2 Colours

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ultra flow toothbrush with suoer sonic tech

Super Sonic Tech for Super Gums

Ultraflow electric toothbrush offers a super sonic technology with 31000 vibrations per minute. This technology ensures 10 times better cleaning than your manual toothbrush.
Hammer Electric Brush has softness at its core
Best Soft toothbrush

Softness at its Core

For the ultra soft bristles, Ultraflow electric toothbrush is here to be your brushing buddy. These soft bristles are made of the best quality DuPont nylons for superior gum protection and cleaning.
Water Resistant Tooth Brush
Hammer Ultra flow Waterproof

Water Resistance

HAMMER Ultraflow is backed by IPX standards of water resistance for your worryless brushing. This smart toothbrush is IPX7 water resistant to give you clean teeth and fresh breath.
hammer ultra flow with rechargeable battery
Best battery electric toothbrush

Uninterrupted Charge

The new Ultraflow electric toothbrush gives you 30 days of uninterrupted oral cleaning on a single charge. So, drop off the poor battery worries and switch to smarter brushing.
Ultra flow with smart timing
Tooth brush with timer

Automatic Cleaning

This electronic toothbrush has an automatic timer set after every 30 seconds. This smart criteria is to remind you to switch brushing areas, ensuring even cleaning.
Hammer ultra flow toothbrush
hammer ultra flow tooth brush

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About the product

Hammer UltraFlow uses the Sonic electric motor technology.

Sonic toothbrushes vibrate at a rate of 31,000
strokes per minute. This results in the motion of the fluid between the teeth
and the gum line. This movement creates air bubbles that disrupt the plaque
biofilm that causes gum disease. It also massages the gums to improve blood

Electric toothbrush, 3 brush heads, a user guide, a USB cable.

It only vibrates as it is powered by Sonic technology, which vibrates at around 31,000 strokes per minute.

No, it is not. It is an electric toothbrush.

Yes, it is rechargeable.

Yes, it has 30 seconds reminder for each quadrant of your mouth.

Yes, there is one light on the toothbrush, which changes based on the speed mode you’re using.

Length = 21 cms Width = 2.1 cms.

It has a maximum of 31,000 pulses/vibration per minute based on the mode selected.

They vibrate only.

Because they provide better cleaning and gum protection. Overall much better oral healthcare which saves a lot of dentist bills later.

These 6 modes are to provide the best oral cleaning. We recommend using the soft mode for normal usage.

As the dentists recommend that one brush head should be used only for 3-4 months, but the brush heads inside the box can have a lifespan of up to 12 months.

Yes, it comes with a brush head cover for better protection and longer durability of the same.

Yes, you need to change it every time.

Yes, it comes with a bristle cap.

Hammer UltraFlow don’t have tongue cleaners.

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