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Hammer KO Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds & Polar Smartwatch (Combo)

Sale Price:Rs. 3,099.00 Regular price Rs. 11,999.00 Sale price

Sound That Empowers Endless Adventure:

Introducing the KO Pro Bluetooth Earbuds, symbolising outstanding elegance and music quality. You're not just listening to music when you use these earbuds; you're setting off on a limitless audio journey. Immerse yourself in the world of alluring music, where every pulse animates your spirit, and every note reverberates with emotion.

The Power of Playtime

You have access to unrestricted playtime. The incredible 20 hours of playtime provided by the KO Pro TWS Earbuds ensures you have music throughout the day. Experience uninterrupted aural bliss that keeps you motivated and engaged throughout your day, from your early morning commute to your challenging evening workouts.

Aesthetic Elegance

The KO Pro Wireless Earbuds combine aesthetic elegance with cutting-edge technology. These earbuds revolutionize the whole idea of style in audio equipment thanks to their clean, white design. They perfectly fit your routine, giving your everyday appearance a touch of refinement while providing excellent sound quality.

Immerse in Sound Waves

You can lose yourself in a rich audio world with KO Pro BT Earbuds. These earbuds provide an audio experience that resonates deeply with your soul, from the heart-pumping pulses of your favourite songs to the calming melodies that raise your spirit.

Smart gets Smarter with AI Voice Assistance

Hammer’s Bluetooth Smart Watch Polar comes with AI Voice Assistance. Siri and Google are available as per device connectivity to enrich your overall Bluetooth Smartwatch experience. Simply connect your watch through the ‘Hryfine app’ and smartify your lifestyle. 

Always Dynamic | Always ON

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Polar comes with premium AOD (Always On Display) functioning at 500 NITS. This Bluetooth Smartwatch provides a captivating and smooth scrolling experience with 60Hz refresh rate. Polar crafts a visual experience that truly defines smartness; freely Swipe, Scroll and Rock and Roll. 

Bigger| Faster| Better 

Bluetooth Smartwatch Polar charges rapidly in 2 Hours* and as fast as it charges the longer this Smart friend stays with you! This Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch can last upto 2 days*. Best of Battery to bring you the best of Smartwatch. Saves time and while charging; Saves time with Usage. Work with an efficiency like never before with Polar Smartwatch. 

  • MRP: ₹11,999 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Generic Product Name: KO Pro + Polar
  • Registered Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103
  • Customer Care Contact Details: 99911-08081
  • Telephone Number: 0180-4008081
  • Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103

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