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Active 2.0 Plus
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Black Active Blue
2.1" Display | Gesture Control | BT Calling
New Launch
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Limelight Green Champagne Gold Admiral Blue Powder Black
2.01" HD Display | BT Calling
New Launch
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Champagne Gold Midnight Blue Powder Black
2.04" Super Amoled | BT Calling
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Black Gold
2.02" Amoled | BT Calling
Fit Pro
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1.43" Super Amoled | Calling
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Ice Grey Black
BT Calling | 2.01" AOD
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Black Gold
1.45" Amoled | BT Calling
Active 3.0
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Metallic Silver Metallic Black Orange Black Ocean Wave
BT Calling | 1.39" Display
Ultra Classic
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2.01" Display | BT Calling
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Peach Midnight Black Navy Blue C Ash Grey
1.39" Screen | BT Calling
Active 2
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Black Active Blue Orange
BT Calling | 1.95" Screen
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Blue G Black
1.43" Amoled Display | AOD
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Wine Red Black
1.96" Amoled display| AOD
Fit +
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BT Calling | 1.85" TFT Display
Pulse X
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BT Calling | 1.83" Display
Deal Price
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Black Grey Peach
BT Calling | 1.96" TFT Display
Pulse Ace
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BT Calling | 1.69" TFT Display
Pulse Ace Pro
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BT Calling | 1.81" TFT Display
Rs. 1,349.00 Regular price Rs. 3,999.00 Sale price
BT Calling | 1.83" TFT Display
Hot Seller
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BT Calling | 1.85" Display
Rs. 1,499.00 Regular price Rs. 4,999.00 Sale price
BT Calling | 1.85" Display
Rs. 1,599.00 Regular price Rs. 4,999.00 Sale price
BT Calling | Metallic Alloy Body
ACE Ultra
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BT Calling | 1.96" Display | AOD
Best Seller
Pulse 2.0
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BT Calling | 1.69" HD Display

No. 1 Wearable Smartwatches for Men and Women:

Smartwatches are one of the most sophisticated and ongoing wearable trends in the digital world. Today, smartwatches are more than just a time-showing gadget. Smartwatches come with a BT calling feature for seamless connectivity and wireless phone calls. Whether you are in between the traffic, hitting the gym, doing WFH meetings or household chores, stay connected in a truly wireless way with the best Bluetooth calling smartwatch from HAMMER. Not only this, but our smartwatches are multi-purpose. Get all health vitals at your wrist. Track blood Spo2, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and more with just a simple tap. 

Not only do our smartwatches for men and women come equipped with the best of the advanced features but Hammer smartwatches also come in sleek and premium designs that for men and women adding to the levelling up the style game in an instant. One can effortlessly pair Hammer smartwatches with casual or formal outfits to slay like never before. 

For women, there is a boon in our watch collection. Guess what? Menstrual cycle monitoring feature! Keep a hassle-free track of your periods along with your mood swings and emotional health with the Hammer premium smartwatches in an organized manner. Plus, with smart notifications and daily reminders such as to drink water on time, time to meditate and sleep now, our Bluetooth smartwatch helps in women's physical well-being too.

Head down and get fully loaded information about our smartwatch collection, its specific features, prices, colours, shapes and much more!

Latest Smartwatch with bluetooth calling:

Get in touch in an effortless style with Hammer smartwatches. With cutting-edge bluetooth technology in the latest versions, our collection of the best bluetooth calling smartwatch offers you the advantage of taking, muting or wirelessly cancelling calls. Also, get a superior quality in-built mic and exceptional speakers equipped in Hammer smartwatches to experience an uninterrupted conversation. Whether you are in the office, in irritating traffic, at loud family functions, or travelling in chaos, easily stay connected and take complete control over your calls and listening experience with our smartwatches. Take a look at our Active 2.0 smartwatch. This is one of the best bluetooth calling smart watch in India and comes with a massive big and bright display. Apart from freestyle Bt calling, this bluetooth smart watch also highlights advanced-level features like GPS tracking, 60+ sports modes, instant voice assistants, multiple languages, and many more to access everything from your wrist in fashion. Many of our smartwatches come powered with BT version 5.2.

Unlimited Entertainment with smartwatch in-built games:

Yes, you got it right! Now no more boring time with a Hammer calling smartwatch collection. A plethora of options available above offer a numerous selection of in-built games crafted specifically in the high-quality AMOLED display screen. From casual games to more immersive experiences, gaming on smartwatches provides endless entertainment for users during downtime. The touch sensors further add to user interaction. Count on Active 2.0 calling smartwatch, Conquer and Tussle BT digital watches to take the world of games at your wrist at a very friendly budget.

Display like never before:

With significant advancement and cutting-edge technology in smartwatch displays, now it has become easier to see big things on a compact screen with the highest resolution possible. Be it any kind of display such as:

TFT (Thin-Film Transistor,

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) 

HD (High definition)

Display you are looking for, Hammer smartwatches have it all under one roof. Grab exceptional readability in direct sunlight, greater picture and video quality, higher contrast ratios, extreme colour accuracy, superior brightness, and wide viewing angles with the top-notch biggest display smartwatch collection of Hammer.

Exciting smartwatch 100+ sports modes for men:

For men who are into sports and follow an athletic lifestyle, our newly launched smartwatch collection is the perfect solution. Seize an array of sports modes, fitness trackers and other health records at your wrist to stay on top of the active lifestyle. Our fitness watch offers a step counter to keep you sane with your walking routine. Also, Hammer fitness trackers take control of your calories burned to keep your weight ideal and heart health good. There are extraordinary modes for road cycling, swimming, HIIT, Zumba, indoor cycling, mountain biking, spinning, gyming, and other outdoor physical activities providing data on speed, distance, elevation, heart pace, workout duration and more with in-built integrated technology.

Seamless Compatibility with apps and smartphones:

It is crucially essential to check for compatibility while considering a smartwatch. Make your purchase wisely before buying the smartwatch. Check for its compatibility with your existing devices, smartphones, or other important apps. Some smartwatches are limited only to androids or some for ioS. But the Hammer digital watch collection with a calling feature is designed with broader compatibility supporting Android smartphones, apple devices and other relatable apps. You just need to check the description to confirm the compatibility accordingly to enjoy all the comprehensive features, tech-savvy modes, and enhanced display of Hammer premium smart watches.

Magical gesture control in smartwatches:

Move your hands in the air or just do a pinch gesture to receive calls, listen to music, mute ongoing conversations, track health details and much more with our gesture smartwatch. Gesture control technology in smartwatches reads different types of sensors, indications and hand movements and translates them into commands or actions for the device to take and function consequently. The Hammer Active 2.0 BT gesture smartwatch lets you stay organised with its hands-free control and offers you all the latest features such as several sports modes, a Dynamic Smart Island notification system, an HD display, and a QR payment mode.

Power-packed battery life:

A long-lasting battery is very important in any wireless gadget. Hammer smartwatch collection comes with a long-life battery that functions from days to week in a single charge. Offering the latest magnetic charging technology in a fast wireless way and battery-saving modes to boost battery life, our watch collection is surely a worthy investment. These battery-saving modes may minimize usage and functionality but are useful when users need their smartwatch to last longer between charges, such as during holidays, travelling or other outdoor activities.

Water-resistant and sweatproof smartwatches:

Most of the waterproof smartwatches available on our website are designed to withstand exposure to water and moisture, making them suitable for swimming, and sudden rain. Maximum Hammer smartwatches are crafted with IPX6 water resistance technology. Such digital watches highlight packed structure to prevent water from entering the device's internal components making it durable and long-lasting. In addition, the sweatproof feature resists damage from sweat, which can be corrosive and majorly harmful to electronic pieces. The sweatproof smartwatches are also non-allergic to skin so one can wear them for longer hours.

User-friendly and interactive AI voice assistance:

Head into the future of divine technology as Hammer smartwatch collection comes equipped with AI voice assistants. Most of them are compatible with both Siri (iOS) and Google (android). This feature of smartwatch along with bluetooth calling is extremely useful for providing hands-free assistance on the go. Using AI voice commands one can simply ask for weather updates, set reminders, send messages, make calls, or control smart home devices. Simply get important notifications to stay informed all day long without the need of constant phone scrolling with the help of AI smartwatch assistants.

Smartwatches with music & camera control:

Ace your listening experience from your wrist with Hammer Pulse X bt calling smart watch. Now, you can play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume directly from your smartwatch, eradicating the need to take out your smartphones or other audio devices every time. Some of our smart watch with calling and music, also work on voice commands, such as "play next song" or "shuffle playlist," making it even more effortless to groove on the music on the go. Never stay back when it is time to capture important moments. Our smartwatches also offer camera control and relatable commands when paired with the mobile.

Cloud & Customized watch faces at your wrist:

There are so many Hammer smartwatches that offer 100+ cloud & customized watch faces. Pulse X, Active 2.0 plus, Tussle, and Arctic are some of the latest watches with this feature. By blending cloud functionality and customized watch faces, a smartwatch significantly enhances its versatility and personalization. Some watch faces are also dynamic, altering throughout the day to show the time, weather, or other notifications, adding an element of visual appeal and functionality.

Smartwatch in round shape and other interesting dials:

While selecting a smartwatch people always look for an ideal dial shape that suits their wrist. As per the latest searches, round dial smartwatch is a trendy appeal in the tech-wearable market. Our collection of smartwatches has an array of smart watch for men and women in round shape. This looks sophisticated and goes well with most outfits and desk-to-dinner styles. Hammer Fit Pro is among the best round dial smartwatch to add to your cart right now. We also have a category of square-shaped smartwatches for men and women.

Ergonomic design-based smartwatches:

The best calling smartwatch always has a customer-friendly ergonomic design that is relaxing to wear for long hours without any hindrance. Our smartwatch collection features skin-friendly silicone and TPU straps that are comfortable for long usage. Also, these are sweat-proof, cutting off any direct skin allergy. Our watches also have a digital rotating crown, allowing users to switch between different menu styles and use other special features conveniently. Hammer smartwatches are finished with a metallic zinc alloy body making them a premium choice that truly stands out in the crowd.

Password and security-protected smartwatches:

In a world where cybercrime is on top, password and security protection are extremely crucial. Hammer smartwatches offer an extra layer of safety for users' data and privacy with its password security feature. Such features again lead to secure pairing with devices to keep all your data private. Not only this but our smartwatches with GPS tracking have "find my device" feature to easily relocate your lost devices. So, without wasting a single second, go and grab a bluetooth smart watch for android and ios to keep your data protected.

Multiple language support smartwatch:

A group of Hammer smartwatches comes with multilingual programs especially offering Hindi and English languages. This way our smartwatches cater to a broader Indian as well as global customer base to give a better performance. With AI voice assistants in specific language support, simply command a "Hey" or a warm "Namaste" to greet your favourite person. Users can effortlessly navigate menus, read smart notifications, and interact with the multilingual smartwatch in their preferred language, which enhances usability and reduces language barriers. Fit+ and Pulse X are amongst our smartwatch collection that offers this feature and comes at a budget-friendly cost.

Smartwatches under 2000

There are so many smartwatches in our collection under a pocket-friendly price of Rs.2000 which offers a balance between features, performance, and affordability. Be it a digital watch with a calling feature, fitness tracking capabilities, larger and higher-resolution displays, longer battery life, and better build quality or simply a smartwatch with earbuds connectivity, Hammer has jotted down some good options to choose from.

Smartwatches under 3000

One can check out the best sports as well as lifestyle smartwatches for men and women not hurting their wallets much under a reasonable price range of Rs.3000. Not only this but you also do not need to compromise on all the latest features, built quality and look. Some of the most preferred watches from the best affordable smartwatch collection on Hammer under 3000.

Apart from this, the Hammer smartwatch range has trendy colours and shades to match them with any outfit. Enjoy the best tech-friendly online shopping experience, on-trend curated collections, and hassle-free delivery options!


On Hammer lifestyle, get a wide range of smartwatches with seamless BT calling and connectivity.

Yes, Active 2.0 Plus from Hammer smartwatch is India's first Bluetooth gesture control smartwatch. It works using gesture control technology

There are so many smartwatch in round shape to shop from our collection. Some of them are FIT PRO, ACTIVE, CYCLONE, and PULSE 4.0.

Yes, almost all our smartwatches come with an in-built step count feature to keep track of your every step.

Choose from an unlimited shades of smartwatch collection as per your preference. Emerald green, pastel pink, black and orange are some of the best colours for

Yes, almost all our smartwatches come with a warranty. You just need to check the product details before making a purchase.

Yes, with different intensities all our smartwatches are water-proof, dust, and sweat-resistance.