Achievements aren’t what others set for us; they are what we set for ourselves. A start-up idea, before being well funded is well underestimated for ‘n’ no. of reasons. And once it’s well funded it has to face certain falls before it actually begins to walk. These falls are necessary because one, it teaches the value of standing up; and two, it teaches that we need to set a goal first to reach there. 

Hammer True Wireless Earbuds

For a start-up to pick a pace in its initial years is something unacceptable for many but we MANIFESTED it right from day one!

HAMMER officially became a company in JAN 2019 but this wasn’t when we began. The team had been working in sync with the idea from sometime back. The sheer hard work brought in logistics and HAMMER came into existence. 

Eventually, The Company stood up and it was the time to start crawling. We crawled and began to make mistakes. Because why not? It's the best way to learn. We tried our hands in every possible sector to gain visibility and brought in external partners to ease the ecommerce experience for the customers. Cross promotion collaborations were a medium to reach out to a wider audience. Multiple methods failed before we realized the best one for us. And when we did, there wasn’t any going back. Each time we did one; we carried on the positive points and worked on the negative ones.

At that time, we needed a platform to showcase our products and ease the buying experience without setting up an external store. That’s where we started working on our first ever online existence i.e HAMMER’s ecommerce website. We learnt everything from scratch and finally launched our website. The traffic and sales were a matter of concern initially but we didn’t stop there. We tied the website with multiple ropes, each from a different online platform and this way gained visibility.

Having an online store is just not enough since your audience is probably leisuring somewhere else. That’s how we tapped other popular ecommerce websites for HAMMER’s listing onto their platforms. And the result bore fruits for us! Today HAMMER gadgets can be bought from Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Myntra, Tatcliq, Paytm & CRED.

If you’re not on today’s popular social media platforms, Do you even exist? HAMMER needed a social presence thereby we started to build a strong social media base. We believe that’s where our potential customers live. And today with this thought, we now stand as a robust HAMMER social followers of 26k.

At first we stumbled, but we never thought this was it! We kept on improving our spirits and focused only on the pain points of customers. At the end of the day, it’s not any evaluation team that tells you you’re doing wrong but it’s only your customers. We did take constructive criticism as valuable feedback and kept on working.  

If you’ve noticed this whole story doesn’t contain any “I”, It’s filled with “We” because HAMMER has risen just because of its team’s efforts working back and forth, day and night!

Hammer Audio Team

Today, we only see successful entrepreneurs and want to reach there at that zenith. But what eventually matters is their journey. After all successful thanking speeches do need an inspirational story to fill in!

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