Unlocking the Future: Gesture Control in Smartwatches

Hammer Gesture Control Smartwatch

One gesture and task done! This sounds exciting, right? But how? The answer is - Gesture control technology. This special type of technology lets users interact with gadgets or devices via hand moves, body motions, or facial indications. Gesture control technology hinges on various aspects like different kinds of sensors, and accelerometers to detect and analyze gestures, converting them into commands or controls for the device. For all tech enthusiasts, Hammer presents you the gesture control in a one-of-kind Active 2.0 Plus smartwatch. This is India's first Bluetooth gesture control smartwatch. Go down and grab its features, benefits and more to make a style statement in the digital world.

Bluetooth Gesture Calling:

The Hammer Active 2.0 smartwatch is a perfect pick for on-the-go people. It features a Bluetooth Call function that easily allows users to make and receive phone calls straight from the smartwatch with simple hand motion. Now you can mute, unmute, or answer calls, all from your wrist.

Smart Notification:

This all-new BT Smartwatch comes equipped with a 'Dynamic Smart Island' notification style. Ensuring that you are updated and are not missing any important notifications and calls, the Active 2.0 smartwatch  is an investment-worthy pick.

 Fitness Tracking

Stay healthy in style with the 100+ sports modes of this smartwatch. With a simple hand-motion get track of SpO2, blood pressure, menstrual cycle, sleep hours, step count and other weekly health reports. This smartwatch keeps pace with an active lifestyle and is ideal for fitness freaks. Also, it features an ip67 water resistance level making it a water-proof and sweat-proof wearable for outdoor exercises or a simple morning jog. 

Hands-free Organization:

Gesture control smartwatch enables hands-free organization while working, driving or exercising with its features like calculator, compass, weather updates, calendar, stopwatch and more. Not only this one can now save payments and social QR codes on the wrist in a single gesture.

 High-quality HD Display:

Enjoy smooth scrolling, the best applications and utility features in the 2.1" HD Display of this smartwatch. Emphasising on best of brightness modes, this gesture smartwatch lets you surf in a bright day and at calm at night. If bored, one can also listen to music with this tech masterpiece.

Best Compatibility:

This trendy smartwatch has Android 5.0 & IOS9.0 + compatibility. One can easily connect it to smartphones or mobiles. It supports the RDFit app. With a battery life of 230mah, one can simply use this watch for long hours.

This latest smartwatch from Hammer is an incredible option for those looking for a mix of utility, fashion, and budget. Concluding the points, the Gesture control technology in smartwatches improves user comfort, delivering a better instinctive and seamless mode to interact with the device.


What is gesture control in a smartwatch?

Gesture control technology in smartwatches allows users to simply interact with the motion of the hand and other gestures.

Which Indian brand of the smartwatch is best?

Hammer is one of the best brands in India for smartwatches. It also offers other categories of tech products like truly wireless earbuds, BT headphones, electronic toothbrushes, speakers and more.

What is the price of the Hammer Active 2.0 Plus smartwatch?

The Active 2.0 Plus smartwatch from Hammer is budget-friendly. It comes under Rs.3000.

Can the Hammer Active 2.0 Plus smartwatch be connected to smartphones?

Yes, the Active 2.0 Plus Hammer smartwatch can easily be connected to Android and iOS. 

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