Ultimate Gaming Headphone: Finding Your Perfect Match

Wired Gaming Headphones

Gaming headphones are very important to get the best gaming experience. Be it sound quality, device compatibility, top-notch connectivity or noise cancellation during the game, a quality gaming headphone is the ultimate solution! It becomes hard to pick the best gaming headphones with the wide range of options in the market. But do not worry! Hammer has brought the perfect gaming headphone to elevate your overall gaming experience- Blaze Gaming Headphones. Scroll down and learn more about the features, price, and other important reasons to opt for the Blaze Gaming Headphones.

Enjoy High Sound Quality with Gaming Headset:

With advanced precision and stereo 7.1 sound available in the gaming headset play games like never before. This Hammer headphone for gaming delivers the best-of gaming audio with 50 mm sound drivers. Enjoy the loud treble and deep bass with Hammer Blaze Gaming Headphones. Not only this, but one can also attend WFH office meetings, watch movies and listen to music in the best-ever audio quality with Hammer Blaze Headset.

Choose Gaming Headphones for Multiple Device Compatibility:

Apart from the crystal-clear audio experience, it is very important to check gaming headphone’s compatibility. The Hammer Blaze gaming headphones connect easily with Windows PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation, ensuring every single detail that takes your gaming experience to another level. Blaze headphones simply allow you for group gaming via multiple device connectivity.

Get Advance Connectivity:

Give a competitive edge in gaming with Hammer’s headset’s advanced connectivity. It is a wired gaming headset with the latest USB 2.0+RGB backlight version. The length of the wire is 2 meters allowing easy movement during the long gaming sessions. The cable comes attached with Blaze headphones that can be easily connected to multiple devices.

Gaming Headphones & its stylish Ergonomic Design:

The gaming headphones are designed ergonomically to elevate the user’s ease and comfort. It features an automatic adjustable band making itself a best fit for every gaming head. The headphone’s over-ear cushioning again adds to its design making it a super comfortable pick for the long gaming hours.

In-built mic for Gaming Command:

Get extreme acoustic clarity with headphones built-in omni-directional mic. It lets you to give commands and communicate while in a multiplayer gaming session improving the game's performance. It also features 3 functional buttons among which one is for mute control allowing you to pause if someone else is calling from outside.

Besides the above-mentioned features, the Hammer Blaze headphones also come with futuristic RGB lights, three functional button controls and a volume adjustment wheel making it a stylish pick for young gamers. This gaming headset with mic is available in two colours (cyan & black) giving you a choice to buy your favourite one. So, groove on the Hammer and instantly shop the Hammer Blaze headphones to amp up your gaming deets!


Ques 1 : Why Gaming Headphones are best?

The Hammer Blaze Gaming Headphones come with the best features like Stereo 7.1 Sound, RGB Lights, Adjustable Band, Compatible with Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, 50mm Drivers and more making it a top gaming headphone in the market.

Ques 2 : What is the price of Blaze Gaming Headphones?

Blaze Headset comes Under Rs. 3000 at a decent price of Rs. 2,499.00.

Ques 3 : Do Gaming Headphones have an in-built mic?

Yes, Gaming Headphones feature a built-in omni-directional mic.

Ques 4 : How many devices Gaming Headphones can be connected?

The Hammer Blaze Gaming Headphone is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation.

Ques 5 : Is Hammer Blaze Gaming Headphone’s wire detachable?

No, the Blaze’s wire comes attached to the headphone. It is not detachable.

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