Top 10 Safety Tips for Using Truly Wireless Earbuds

In this fast-paced world, where time is the key and the most valuable currency, we sometimes oversee the right way of using our electronic products. We tend to use them as per our best convenience and tend to ignore the advisory from the manufacturer. This article will try to consolidate all the safety tips advised by the manufacturers so we can continue to keep using our products in the best shape and form.

10 safety tips for true wireless earbuds

  1. Use with the correct IPX rating as advised by the manufacturer. Most of the truly wireless earbuds come with a certain IPX rating. These ratings are an indication that the product can withstand water to certain time and certain level. So, it is best advised not to use these products in places like sauna, swimming pools, showers etc.
  2. Do not store the truly wireless earbuds under pressure. The wireless earbuds are designed to be used in normal situations and circumstances. Any extra pressure will result in damage to the product or the product malfunctioning.
  3. Avoid excessive use of the headphones. Using the product excessively not only will be bad for your health but it will also be bad for the health of the product as well. The products are designed to be used optimally. 
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  4. Keep the charging points clean before placing them inside the charging case. This will ensure longer life span of the products. These charging points if not cleaned properly will start accumulating dirt and dust. Eventually due to this accumulation it will lead to the charging points not working. If there is moisture on the charging points it will lead to damage to the battery too. Hence it is always advised to keep the truly wireless earbuds clean and dry at all times.
  5. Please charge the device as per the charging time mentioned by the manufacturer. This will prevent the device from over charging and preserve the battery life. Over charging of the battery often leads to battery damage and reduced battery charging cycles. Overnight charging is one of the mistakes we keep making and this damages the product battery.
  6. Do not dismantle the device on your own. Doing so, the warranty offered by the manufacturer will be withdrawn and it is very likely that the user will damage the product beyond repairs. It is strongly advised not to tamper with the product at your end. If there is any problem observed with the product, it is best recommended to approach the manufacturer for repairs or replacements.
  7. Do not throw the device in live fire. The true wireless earbuds contains battery and is not meant to be disposed off in any kind of live fire. The battery can explode causing harm to people around. This type of battery disposal will cause pollution and will be detrimental to the environment.
  8. Please dispose of the device as per the environmental guidelines. There are guidelines from the government about how to dispose off electronic waste. Those guidelines should be followed and all the electronic waste should be disposed off accordingly. This will cause no damage to the environment and cause less pollution.
  9. Please do not remove or replace any part on your own. This is issued by the manufacturer in the best interest of the consumer, that they don’t remove or replace any part of the product. The product has been designed optimally with the equipment inside and it might not perform well or not perform at all by changing anything on the product without the authorization from the manufacturer. Doing this will void any warranty offered from the manufacturer.
  10. Please make sure there are no electricity / voltage fluctuations while charging the charging case. This will damage the charging case battery and working circuitry. The changes in the voltage will cause damage to the product working and it is possible that it will short circuit the product, thereby making the product unusable.

These are some of the most common points that we as a user tend to ignore. If followed, the above points can help us in extending the lifespan of our products. The more our products last, the more money we save and the better it is for the environment.

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