Smartwatches: The New Age Smart Accessory

Machines make human life easier in various ways, from smart televisions that can run your favourite OTT platform to phones that can do more than one would need it to with just a small brick in hand.

 Though, with that accessibility and the features becoming increasingly easier to understand, with even the cheapest smartphones being able to do almost every single task the most expensive one can, the innovations come to a standstill. With the stagnant spot in the market, it is not surprising to see people turning towards the next technology that makes life easier in a “smart” way.

 Smartwatches(with bluetooth calling feature) bring the most important parts of life to the compact and light settings of a watch through the interface that connects to our most common and trusted companion, the smartphone.

 But if it is just a smaller version of a smartphone with lesser accessibility, why would one even require it?

 While it is true that our smartphones are more entertaining despite the standstill of innovations (yes, your camera or how the back of your phone looks is not an innovation, smartphone companies), a Bluetooth calling smartwatch removes the negative aspects so that we can focus on what truly matters.

 From sensors that accurately measure our temperature, calories, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate within seconds to features that motivate us to stay healthier such as achievements and little medals to award our 10,000 steps or 5Km, or any personal goal just add up to what makes the compact and light device so unique.

 From a small reminder to take a break from work to stretch your body to water drinking reminders, a bluetooth calling smartwatch helps you stay healthy along with its bluetooth calling features that help you stay away from the social media that distract you from work and limit you to necessary notifications. It is almost unbelievable how much something that small can do!

 But it is not that easy to find the right technology for you. One should make sure that they are getting as much as they are paying for. Many smartwatches by brands with big consumer base charge tens of thousands for what other companies provide for a fraction of it- sometimes even outperforming those expensive watches.

 A good bluetooth calling smartwatch must have value for money, necessary and accurate censors, good sweat or water and dust resistance certifications since it will go through sweat and dust of daily life, a calling feature depending on the price and must give you enough customization, and depending on the price, extra features. It is also necessary that the brand offers a user-friendly interface that works with both, tech-savvy and users who are just learning the new smart technology by themselves.

 Thankfully, there are watches like Hammer Pulse 2.0 smartwatch with bluetooth calling offers a fully HD screen, health censors like a calorie counter, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, and blood pressure measured along with a battery that lasts up to 7 days, as compared to 2-3 days offered even by the most expensive brands. With the curved display and customizable watch face, Hammer bluetooth calling smartwatches have the hardware, software, and interface that look almost too good to be true for the price under 3,500Rs.

Hammer bluetooth calling Smartwatch

 Even Pulse 3.0 bluetooth calling watch by the same brand adds on a camera to these features at a current offer pricing it under 3,000Rs. Both the watches are IP67 dust and water-resistant, meaning that they can take splashes of water such as during washing hands and dust from daily life like a pro. What makes me mention these two watches is the transparency of brands that most products fail to provide.

 Truly, with health becoming our time’s priority, fitness features along with those that decrease our dependency on other devices that might even reduce productivity through distractions, smartwatches have become the smart devices of the new era that show how far humans have come and how far we have yet to go with innovation to make life easier and more fulfilling.

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