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The luxurious lifestyle where everything is run by your Google assistant or Alex, the “Smart Home”, is something everyone dreams of. This is not just a level of luxury everyone aims to achieve, but something that can save households and those in it from accidents and mishaps. These houses allow you to control your electrical devices by simple gestures such as your voice, without actually needing to go to it to make it perform a task.

While installing devices at all appliances at your home to make them connect to your virtual assistant is supposed to be costly, for a good reason, one does not have to give up on their dream of a smart home. There are many alternative ways to renovate the entire house to make them smart, one of the most efficient, fastest, and cheapest ones being the addition of smart plugs to your house's electrical outlets.

A smart plug is a game-changer in the market of smart devices. A smart plug allows one to change any appliance run by a connection to a plug to become a smart device. It could be your washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, or even an air conditioning unit. And to make the interface more user-friendly, it uses the virtual assistants Alex and Google Assistant that are already familiar and well-integrated within our lifestyles through our phones.

A good smart plug would allow you to not only control the appliances by voice or through an assistant but through an app too, without the need to even speak a word. The best smart plugs, though, allow you to do more than just that. Hammer Smart Plug with wifi and voice control system not only allows you to live a luxurious lifestyle but is also practical. The best smart plug of its segment, Hammer Smart Plug is a 16A plug that allows you to control any appliance with your voice, through its app called the Smart Life – Smart Living app. Through the app, you can monitor your electricity usage too. Along with these features, Hammer Smart Plug allows the ease of letting us choose a scheduled timing to turn it on and off, to make sure you have hot water running every morning, or your phone charges the right amount every night.

The plug is not great just for your luxury but for the old and those who need help. Many people with knee problems or the elderly who have a problem of forgetting can use these smart plugs to avoid inconveniences and even life-threatening situations.

Hammer Wifi Smart Plug

And while most smart plugs might give you prices that make you rethink the entire idea of a smart home, Hammer Smart Plug comes at a price of 1,549Rs. on their website, with a secure payment portal and trusted delivery with their partnership with an equally trusted platform, Xpresslane. and under 1,100Rs. on retailing partners like Amazon, quality and price no one else in the market provide, with the brank trust of India’s first Athleisure tech brand, and their 6 months warranty!

So the only thing stopping you from getting a smart home is you!

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