How to Connect Wi-Fi Remote With Our Home Appliances

HAMMER, being the tech gadget company in India, Exploring new categories rapidly. With an effect on Indian youth, Hammer is preserving its place in the techno- gadget category. Hammer started its business with wireless bluetooth earphones and reached new heights with launching Smart IoT devices in the market. The first product was launched in the year of 2019. Hammer deals in Truly wireless earbuds, Wireless earphones, Wireless headphones, Smart watches, Wireless chargers and in Smart IoT devices.

Hammer recently launched its smart IoT device, ‘Hammer wifi remote or IR blaster’. It is a smart device which can control all the smart appliances available in our home which supports infrared remote technology. Home appliances like TVs, Home Theatres, DTH set up box, ACs, etc can be controlled with a Wifi remote at a time. Hammer launched this product at a very reasonable price. It can also work with Google assistant and Alexa. 

It means you have full control over your appliances with more smartness and advancement. 

How to Connect Hammer Wifi Remote with Smart Home appliances

Application name   -   Smart life-Smart living

Download the application Smart life- smart living from the play store or app store. You can also download the application by scanning the QR code available on its box. For connecting the IR Blaster with the App and with smart appliances, you need to follow some steps that are below:-

  1. In the box, there is a smart device with its cable and manual. We have to connect the cable with a Wifi device and laptop or Adapter. 
  2. There is a button given on the back side of the IR blaster that we have to press. When the blue light blinks constantly, It means that the wifi device is in a pairing state. 
  3. Make sure you have downloaded the application Smart life- smart living from the play store or app store. Open the application and click on the (+) Sign on the right upper side corner. 
  4. There will be an option to add a device. 
  5. After that you need to connect your phone with wifi connection. 
  6. On the Add device screen, you can see many devices but you have to scroll down and go into ‘Others’ option. Then click on ‘UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL’. 
  7. The app will again ask you for confirming the wifi connection.
  8. Then you have to select how the light on the IR Blaster or wifi remote is blinking, Blink Slowly or Blink Quickly
  9. After selecting this, there will be a screen which may show scan devices–register on cloud–initialize the device. 
  10. Once this process will be complete, you need to select Hammer Wifi Remote and thus your IR Blaster will be connected with the application. 
  11. Now you can add the Home appliances that you want to connect with Wifi remote. For this you need to click on ‘Hammer wifi remote’ on the home page.
  12. Add your available appliances that you want to connect with the IR Blaster. 
  13. Select the name of the appliance and search the company’ name. 
  14. After selecting the company’s name, you need to select your device and then you can control your Smart Home appliances with your wifi remote.

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