History of the Technology and Its Importance

In today's modern and developing era, it is very significant to understand technology. What it is, the history of technology, and its importance. Learning these things is crucial to keep up with the modern, evolving times.

The things we dreamt of, and to make them practically possible, we need technology. With the evolution of bullock to motorcars and motorcars to self-driven cars, technology is at its best and is developing day by day. Two decades back, people had to do many struggles just for a phone call, and now they see each other over a screen with the help of the internet.

If we are talking about technology, then there is a lot to talk about it. Everything you see around you is a technology like a fan, refrigerator, washing machine, and also the handset you are using to read this article. The earphones, earbuds, smart watches, everything is a part of it. Who thought of monitoring their blood oxygen with a watch? No ordinary man thinks about it, but technology has made this possible.

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History of technology

Nearly two million years ago, stone tools were invented and known as technical invention. It was a revolutionary invention as it was beneficial at that time. All the old tools are a part of technology. The era of technology started with the creation of a wheel. After that, cycles, cars, bikes, computers, aeroplanes, and much more were created. Every gadget you are using today was an idea of someone for a better living, and they made it happen. The person who invented the train must have been tired of traveling for so long; everything originated in the same manner.

Importance of technology

Technology plays a vital role in individual life, and it has both negative and positive effects.


The crucial need of today's world is communication. Mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram helps us to communicate with our schoolmates or family friends living abroad. Communication in the professional field matters a lot as we can reach the world from wherever we are. Life without smartphones is not as imaginable in this era as we are used to it. Parents don't need to constantly worry about their children as they can call them to know where they are.


As we know, knowledge is power. The pandemic is going on, and the study wouldn't be possible in this pandemic if mobiles or the internet were not discovered yet. Technology has evolved to emerge as a crucial component of our system these days. Students can learn many new things over the internet, and this will help them in their future.


Technology creates many sources for entertainment like we can watch movies on television, play games on the computer, listen to songs with earphones. The invention of the projector for watching movies was revolutionary but, nowadays you can watch any latest movie at your home.

So, this is all about technology, its history, and its importance. Technology is for easy and better living. So, use it wisely and get the adequate advantage in positive ways.

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