Happy Women's Day

Each year on March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated to commemorate the accomplishments which women have attained in the realms of social, economic, cultural, and political aspects. HAMMER wishes to congratulate all women on this unique day and to recognize the influence of women in forming a more excellent world. Despite the fact that considerable improvements have been made in recent years, women still have to confront several problems such as gender inequality, violence, and discrimination. We understand that increased attention is necessary to ensure that women receive just treatment, and we are devoted to making a contribution towards gender parity. Another issue that women must grapple with is income inequality. Women often receive lower wages than men for the same work, and they are usually not allowed to ascend to positions of leadership.

This difference in wages between genders is not only unjust, but also limits economic growth and progress. As a business, we are fully committed to advancing gender parity in the workplace. We are of the opinion that women should have the same chances as men to thrive and move up in their careers. We are determined to pay women equitably and equitably give them the necessary assistance and resources they need to tap into their maximum potential. Another major issue is physical, sexual, and mental abuse directed towards women. They additionally face bias in political and social roles, healthcare, and schooling. We consider physical violence against women to be detestable and feel that it needs to be addressed. We back initiatives that work to terminate violence against women. We feel that women should have equivalent access to political involvement, healthcare, and schooling. A large number of these obstacles are driven by a want for gender equality.


To make the world a better place, avoiding gender discrimination and ensuring equal access to leadership roles, job opportunities, and education is essential. As an organization, we consider gender equality to be of great importance. We are devoted to raising equality between genders in all our operations, from recruitment procedures to organizational policies and activities. Additionally, we are determined to work with other organizations and governments globally in order to promote gender equality. On this International Women's Day, we honour the achievements of women everywhere and pledge to the cause for gender equality. Although we recognize that there is still much more that needs to be done, we are devoted to succeeding and establishing a better future for all women. We implore everybody to take steps to back gender equality on this special day.


We all have the potential to make a positive change, whether it is by backing up initiatives that work to give women the power they need, advocating for regulations that encourage gender parity, or even just acknowledging the efforts of the women in our lives. To end, we extend our best wishes to all the women out there on International Women’s Day. We celebrate your strength, tenacity, and ambition, and acknowledge your integral part in developing a better future. We are eager to go on promoting gender equality and aiding the endeavors of women everywhere.

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