HAMMER Upcoming Gadgets TWS and Smartwatch With Calling Feature

HAMMER has been fitting right onto the trending tech demands by serving exactly the right gadgets. Feeding similar demands, HAMMER has an exciting product pipeline which is yet to be launched in the coming weeks or months. Some of the upcoming gadgets are KO 2.0 True wireless earbuds and Pulse 2.0 smartwatch.

Let’s quickly find out the top features of both these gadgets that would let them shine ahead.

Bringing you an all new version of the KO True wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Introducing the advanced, the faster and the stronger KO 2.0 wireless Bluetooth earbuds. This upcoming  version of sports Bluetooth buds is smarter and fits well into every fitness freak’s must haves gadgets.

Hammer KO Truly Wireless Earbuds

HAMMER’s latest KO 2.0 wireless sport earbuds are sweat proof to match exactly for intense workouts. This version of Bluetooth earbuds is IPX4 water resistant which means it can withstand splashing water from any direction. This Tws Bluetooth technology is lightweight and can be worn easily even for longer durations without leading to earache. The touch sensors over the earbuds make it easy to control the music with just a single touch. This smart accessible feature comes into play while you’re driving or working out.

Besides the top features that KO 2.0 has to offer. This version comes with Type C charging for faster and durable functionalities.

The newer version of KO is best suitable for long runs without worrying about the battery backup. It gives a total of 20 hours continuous playing divided between earbuds and case.

These true wireless Bluetooth earbuds support voice assistants such as Ok Google and Siri.  The voice assistants work efficiently with the touch controls making it a perfect ease in technology.

The built in 13 mm drivers give superior sound quality resulting in HD sound experience.

It has an auto-pairing feature providing you a hassle-free sound experience. The feature eliminates the time consumed on pairing devices and utilizing it on productive and best sound quality.

HAMMER’s latest version of KO is faster and better. It is best recommended for intense workouts sessions because of its smart earhook design. This design gives a snug fit and holds it firmly with the ear.  The strong grip doesn’t let it fall even while running.

Another upcoming launch is the smarter version of Pulse smartwatch. HAMMER is all set to launch the firing and the smartest watch of all times. Ever since the former has entered the smartwatch market. It has been receiving a warm welcome from the tech lovers. So, in order to feed the growing love for smart watches, HAMMER is introducing Pulse 2.0 calling smart watch.

Hammer Pulse Smart Watch for calling

This calling smartwatch is the upgraded version of Pulse with more exciting features and bigger dial. Just like Pulse, it is also a complete health tracker with built in Blood oxygen and heart rate monitor. Especially in times like this, health tracking has become an important metric above all.

Besides the top notch quality and superior design, HAMMER Pulse 2.0 has unlimited watch faces to match every look of yours. These faces can easily be switched by just swiping.  It has a 1.69” digital HD display for better productivity and premium experience. Along with this, It comes with Bluetooth calling feature. It has built in microphones and speakers so no call can be missed out with its help. 

Pulse 2.0 has a stylish design and comfortable band for an ease of comfort even during longer hours of usage. The watch is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, may it be iOS or Android. It just needs an external application called ‘Da fit’ to be installed for better accessibility. This watch is just perfect in meeting all your fitness goals and will help you attain a fit lifestyle. We can say, It'll be a perfect smart calling watch for budget friendly peoples. 


Stick to us till both the launches roll out. Check back on the website regularly so that you don’t miss any update. Stay tuned for some unexpected surprises.


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