Hammer True Wireless Earbuds: The Best Affordable Choice

In India, the consumer electronics market is continuously growing and is very competitive. There are many foreign companies that have been dominating this market base. But now is the rise of the Indian brands that have started to slowly grow in this market sector. In India, Consumers look for affordability, durability and after-sales service.

Mr Rohit Nandwani started Hammer in the year 2019 with the goal of providing the electronics consumer market with affordable, durable and stylish products.

Hammer is essentially an athleisure brand focusing on audio and wearable technology.

Hammer has a wide verity of products ranging from truly wireless earbuds, Wireless earphones, Wireless Headphones, smartwatches, fitness bands and Bluetooth Speakers.

hammer true wireless earbuds

Hammer is known for its truly wireless earbuds and wireless earphones.

With products like the Hammer K.O and Hammer Solo 3.0, Hammer gives a tough competition to well-known brands. These products come with the latest technologies like Bluetooth 5.0 and have multiple features like hands-free calling, Multi-function button that make these products a bang for the buck. In the wireless earphone segment, the most notable products are the Hammer Swing and Hammer Grip sports. These wireless earphones are made for sports and fitness enthusiasts and can be used in a rough manner.

Almost all Hammer Audio products are made keeping in mind the needs of fitness enthusiast and also at the same time keeping the product stylish in looks. Keeping in mind that the Hammer Products come with excellent build quality, the company doesn’t disappoint in terms of the audio quality produced by these truly wireless earbuds and wireless earphones are balanced. Hammer uses custom-built audio drivers for its audio products that perform well and produce crystal clear balanced sound.

Hammer focuses on bringing quality products at very affordable prices. Hammers Lucrative pricing makes it a very popular choice among electronic consumers.

Hammer targets consumers who are looking to purchase consumer electronics products in the price range of 1000-3000 rupees. In this price range, Hammer is one of the leading choice for consumers. Hammer has become a brand that is now known to provide the best truly wireless earbuds and wireless earphones at affordable price

Hammer Audio Products

Hammer has also dipped its hands in the smartwatch and fitness band segment and aims to become a popular choice for consumers by providing products with superior technology at very affordable prices. Hammer has entered this segment by introducing the Hammer Pulse and Hammer Fit pro. These products are equipped with the latest technology and are aesthetically pleasing.

Hammer plans to expand its product line in the future by building more innovative products at very affordable prices.

Hammer also provides lucrative deals on their website https://hammeronline.in/, these products can also be bought on all leading eCommerce websites.

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