Hammer Solo Pro True Wireless Earbuds for Calling with Dual Mic

Hammer is a leading brand, manufacturing audio gears, and smart watches. Hammer has always been there, creating something unique for its customers. Hammer has provided us with many good products like Hammer KO, Hammer pulse, Hammer bash, and many more. It has launched another product named Hammer solo pro for all the music enthusiasts by continuing this series. Earbuds are the most common need of today's generation. They love to wear attractive gadgets and want to get updated to the latest trends.

If you are still stuck at your old earphones and plan to upgrade them to something unique and fancy, then hammer solo pro is the one for you. Hammer Solo Pro has a unique design and all the awaited features that can make you fall in love with it at very first sight. If you are a music enthusiast, you should try hammer solo pro for a better listening experience. Hammer solo Pro is the combination of premium quality, wearing comfort, and a fresh new look. If we compare the quality and the price and features, then Rs. 4499 is not a big deal for these premium features. Hammer solo pro is a solution to all your needs related to wireless earbuds. Here you will know about every unique quality of Hammer solo pro.

Alluring design and lightweight

Hammer solo pro is having an alluring design and is available in matt black finish. The elegant design of the hammer solo pro will give the user a snug fit and prevent them from falling when in use. Most of the earbuds are have problems with fitting. But, the Hammer solo pro will give you the best experience with music listening and comfort. The Hammer solo pro has a lightweight design, which means you can use it for as long as you want, and there will be no burden on your ears. Hammer solo pro will not be a hassle during workouts too.

hammer solo pro true wireless earbuds

Does Hammer Solo Pro come with complimentary ear tips?

Yes, hammer solo pro comes with complimentary ear tips of different sizes.

Bluetooth connectivity and auto-pairing

If you are using a wireless headset, then a strong Bluetooth connection is a must. Hammer solo pro has Bluetooth V5.0 for better connectivity means you can enjoy music without interruption. If we talk about Bluetooth connection, then Bluetooth V5.0 is the latest and the best to date. The auto-pairing feature of Hammer solo pro will keep you out of hassle while pairing it to the parent device.

Hammer Solo Pro with bluetooth 5.0

What is the Bluetooth range from the phone?

The Bluetooth range is 10m without any obstacle in between the devices.


Hammer solo pro is specially designed for both android and iOS devices. It doesn't matter if you are using an android phone or iOS; hammer solo pro will work the same with both. There will be no issue in compatibility with any of these. Most earbuds aren't compatible with iOS devices. So, It is a satisfactory feature for iOS users as they can enjoy the premium quality at a small price.

Can Hammer solo pro be connected to a laptop/pc?

Yes, Hammer solo pro can be connected to any laptop/pc as long as both devices have a Bluetooth connection.

Dual Mic with Google and Siri

Hammer solo pro has a dual-mic system, which means one mic in each earbud. So you can enjoy talking to your friends with a clear voice without any interruption. If you are a bit of a talker, then dual-mic is a must for uninterrupted limitless talks with your friends. Hammer solo pro is convenient with both Google and Siri. Both these assistants are of much use as you can control your mobile with these assistants. You can wake up Google or Siri with a single touch and ask whatever you want or give any command like you can ask, hey google, "what is the price of Hammer solo Pro"

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Hammer solo pro comes with a 400 mAh battery with playtime up to 4 hours and standby time up to 300 hours. You can easily watch your favourite movies or listen to songs without getting worried about battery life. A 4 hour of journey is nothing if you are listening to your favourite with your earbuds. Hammer solo pro will give you the outstanding experience of listening to music while travelling and will make your travel experience more beautiful.

Hammer Solo PRO wireless earbuds with long battery

How much time does it take to charge the Hammer solo pro?

Hammer solo pro comes with C-type fast charging, and the charging time is 1.5 hours.

It will be worth seeing the new features incorporated in the newly launched product by Hammer. It will satisfy the needs of the customers, as it is truly designed according to their preferences.

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