Hammer’s Flight After Shark Tank

Hammer Lifestyle is a D2C and an FMEG (Fast moving electronic goods) brand dealing in fast-paced lifestyle gadgets and serving modern lifestyle demands since 2019. HAMMER has been dealing in 4 broad categories- Wearables and Audio, Grooming, and Accessories. HAMMER offers an extraordinary array of new-age and feature-laden products.

With the appearance of HAMMER in Shark Tank India, it is not surprising to see people becoming more aware of a home-grown brand with the best quality modern gadgets. With product performance, comfort, and affordability represented by Shark Tank India, observing an increase in market visibility was just a matter of time.

HAMMER's deal on Shark Tank India was a point of growth. Be it an increase in platforms to sell products or the sale of products themselves, the inevitable increase of limelight in association with Hammer Shark Tank envision is just as one can notice in the episode.

Since the appearance in Shark Tank India, Hammer has  experienced a gigantic  escalation in website traffic from 50,000 per month to over 3 Lakhs per month, and the Hammer lifestyles recognition has led to an increase in ARR from 10 cr to 48 cr. HAMMER has been added to stores such as Croma, Reliance Store, and Lulu group, while its visibility on Amazon and revenue on CRED, Amazon, Flipkart, Tatacliq, Nykaa, and Myntra has also seen an upsurge.

After the appearance of the founder on Shark Tank India, the SKUs mentioned there have been further increased to meet the public demand.  The HAMMER’s pitch on Shark Tank was truly a remarkable one, which one can witness on famous broadcasting channels such as SonyLiv or their YouTube channel.

After the advent of HAMMER in Shark Tank India, the CEO quoted, “People get amazed when they know that we are from a small town witnessing the heights that we have achieved in just 3 years. With an upsurge of Shark Tank fame, HAMMER did catch the limelight and that was reflected in a massive wave of awareness and tangible orders. We closed 30 lakhs of website revenue in a single day and are aiming for 1 crore in a day from the website. During the telecast month, we saw a 5-time increase in traffic. We held onto the spotlight and sold the maximum of smartwatches and electric toothbrushes. Within 6 months, we’ve tripled the business and touched 2 cr monthly revenue and are aiming to reach 30 crores for FY 23, and 50 crores for FY24. We’re focusing on a cream segment and hence are paving our unique way.”

Moreover the pitch at Sharktank India wasn't just a pitch to the 5 sharks but to the whole country and that resulted in the huge support that HAMMER received post the show. A platform like SharkTank India does give a rapid limelight to the budding startups. It is definitely a boon for all the startups who cannot afford massive spends on marketing. With this step towards Reimagining Lifestyles, Hammer is bound to reach its goal to transform India’s current lifestyle just so it matches that of a developed country.

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    You guys make it big, really very Big.

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