Hammer Arctic Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch : Crafted To Be Remembered

The World of Smartwatches is prepared for the biggest, brightest and smartest launch of the year, Arctic 2.04” Super Amoled Display Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch by Hammer Lifestyle. 

In this ARCTICLE :) we will discuss as to why every smartwatch enthusiast will fall in love with Arctic. 

Display of Luxury 

Arctic comes with 2.04” inch Super AMOLED Display which is our Widest and Brightest Display. With a smooth 60Hz Refresh Rate this Bluetooth Smartwatch is sure to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Trendy Titanium Shades 

Arctic comes in Three Mesmerizing Titanium Shades: Champagne Gold, Powder Black and Midnight Blue. Each shade carries an aura of its own and is sure to Be Remembered. 

Premiumness That Appeals 

Arctic is built with a premiumness that is meant to last and endure. This Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch comes with TPU Skin Friendly straps, so you don’t watch your smartwatch wearing hours. This Calling Smartwatch is crafted with a metallic built and finish. 

Hammer Arctic Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Desire and Done 

This Hammer Smartwatch allows you to Control Music, Click Images, Calculate, Take a Weather Check and do much more; organization is a tap away!

Watch faces? Your Style!

This Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch comes with DIY Watch Face feature that allows your inner stylist to create the look you desire. 

Best in-class Bluetooth Calling 

This Smartwatch comes with never before ease in Smartwatch Calling with modern features like Vibration & Ring Control, One Tap Call Shift and more to create seamless conversations.

Arctic, right from the first look to the long term experience is sure to impress and woo gadget lovers all over India! 





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