Frequently Asked Questions about Smartwatches

Smartwatches  are, no doubt, technology that is much essential in this fast paced work life. They make the flow of work-life smooth; help us maintain a healthy lifestyle, increase efficiency and so much more. To be precise, smartwatches have become a mini smart phone. We are already aware of all the benefits with numerous, helpful articles online. You will still find some advantages further in this article, summarized. But they are still a new technology and thus there are many questions around them. Here, we will try to answer them!

Do I Need a Smartwatch?

In all honesty, if you have spent so long without one, you don't need one urgently. But do you need a watch of any kind in a world where screens tell time all around you? Smartwatches are an upgraded accessory with the added benefit of a huge amount of functionality that will, no doubt, upgrade your life.

Is spending on a smartwatch Worth it?

 A smartwatch is not an expense but an investment. Just like we go to school, pay for the internet, and build up skills and knowledge that make life easier, the smartwatch makes life easier through the power of technology and an intuitive little set of cleverly placed features. Smartwatches have certain features which help you to track your activities and goals and improve your work performance.

What are the advantages of a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches help you as a filter for your smartphone, with all the distracting notifications, colours, and popups taken out to ensure that your normal life is going smoothly.

Nowadays, smartwatches also come with a set of sensors and features for the healthy lifestyle of the wearer, ranging from basic updates on heart rate to set workout and calorie-burning goals and also sleep tracking feature. These features work even when your smartphone's battery dies since the best watches provide a long battery life of up to a week. 

Some smartwatches, such as Hammer Pulse Ace and Hammer Pulse Ace Pro, which are considered to be some of the best smartwatches, which come not only with great battery life but with affordable prices and some sensors that many other watches do not provide, such as body temperature, along with super smooth fluid animation and HD screen. 

Even our Pulse Ace Pro is backed up with upto 10 days battery life and comes with wireless charging at such affordable price.

How do Smartwatches Work?

Smartwatches are equipped with a set of sensors such as body motion sensor, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, body temperature sensor, blood pressure sensor, and other sensors depending on the watch to monitor your health. With that, some watches have microphones to answer calls directly through phones.

Some smartwatches connect to your phone to receive or reject calls, and give you notifications from apps you select to receive out of the combination of important and not-so-important notifications to focus on just what you need to focus on.

Can my Kids Use Smartwatches?

Smartwatch is one of the few accessories that all ages can use, as long as they keep themselves from swallowing it. The control over functionality and features not just helps children get more interested in the ever-evolving technology, but also helps them understand how to use technology more safely.


While these do not answer many questions, feel free to check out QnA and contact our team to ask more about it!

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