Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush


Hygiene, though essential, only became a common practice at all levels in recent years. Due to the much-needed basic standards of hygiene getting settled into everyone’s lives, it is time to step up from those basics to habits that are not just necessary for maintenance, but beneficial in more than just one way.

The manual toothbrush, which we all are familiar with, are often less expensive, easily accessible in the local market but they lack in providing proper cleaning of our teeth. We all know we do brushing to maintain good health of our teeth if the main purpose is not fulfilled then what is the profit of doing it so.

Some of us choose the right toothpaste, mouthwash and other products, but end up neglecting the right toothbrush for us.

The need to go for E- brushing

An electric toothbrush is an integration of technology into our daily lives at a much-required level. E-toothbrushes, as one may call them, are battery-run toothbrushes that can not only make brushing more efficient but also help us develop healthy habits for oral care.

Electric toothbrush benefits are as follows:

  • They reduce the risk of harming your gums

It’s important not to brush too hard, because doing so can contribute to a receding gum line. Because their pressure is automatically controlled, electric toothbrushes help ensure you aren’t brushing too vigorously.

  • Helps in adapting brushing habits in kids

As electric toothbrushes are new innovations for oral hygiene, kids found it cool and curious to brush their teeth with, which indirectly helps them to adapt brushing habits.

  • Can be helpful in medical conditions

As we discussed about the kids, the E- toothbrush can also very helpful for people with limited mobility, such as those with Carpal tunnel, Arthritis, and other movement-obstructing conditions may also prefer E-toothbrush since it takes away the need of stroking our teeth ourselves.

With some common benefits of electric toothbrushes visible over manual toothbrushes, it is still more expensive than the manual toothbrush. This is why, to turn this expense into an investment for your oral health, some brands like Hammer offer electric toothbrushes for the long run with changeable heads.


Hammer Ultra Flow 2.0, for example, is a premium looking rechargeable toothbrush with changeable heads whose one button design makes it easy to switch to 3 different brushing modes. This battery toothbrush can be recharged within 4 hours and can be used for more than a month with daily single usage. It has a 700 mAh battery. This electric toothbrush has Dupont bristles which are non- toxic and healthy for your health. Hammer electric brush for adults comes with a cover for travelling purposes. Hammer Ultra Flow 2.0 Premium electric toothbrush comes with 2 replaceable brush heads and a vibratory motor that makes 31,000+ strokes per minute for efficient cleaning. Hammer Smart Electric Toothbrush are made with the highest quality plastic materials. These electric toothbrushes for women and men come with stylish matte designs.

Hammer lifestyle provides smarter solutions for everyone with the Hammer Toothbrush. 


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