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Android Smart watches

One of the most in-demand tech gadgets- the android smartwatch, is taking a phenomenal rise in the wearable market. These are as important as any other basic need. Thus, Hammer offers a range of Bluetooth smartwatch models suitable for Android phones, each with unique features and benefits.

Here are a few options to consider from Hammer that supports Android phone connectivity:

Hammer Active 2.0 Plus

Hammer Active 2.0 Plus bluetooth calling watch

The top-notch quality and first gesture control smartwatch of India, Active 2.0 allows users to manage calls with simple gestures, such as pinching fingers to answer a call, providing a convenient hands-free experience. Its stunning 2.1" High Dimension Display ensures crystal-clear visuals. Plus, one can simply connect it to his Android smartphone.

Hammer Stroke

best bluetooth calling smart watch

The Hammer Stroke is a budget-friendly option with a 1.96-inch TFT display. It includes a built-in speaker and mic for Bluetooth calling, in-app GPS for location tracking, and over 100 sports modes. The battery life ranges from two to five days based on calling usage.

Hammer Arctic

bt calling smartwatch

Featuring a large 2.04-inch Super AMOLED display, the Hammer Arctic includes Bluetooth Android connectivity, an array of sports modes, SpO2 monitoring, and IP67 water resistance. This model offers extensive customization with over 100 watch faces and a robust set of health-tracking features. It comes with an always-on display with 700 nits of peak brightness, making it highly visible even in bright sunlight.

Hammer Pulse 2.0

Hammer Pulse 2.0 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Known for its Bluetooth calling feature, Pulse 2.0 also tracks various health metrics like steps and calorie count, blood pressure, heart rate, and SpO2 levels. It offers a full touchscreen display and is IP67-rated for water resistance. Additionally, it has a power-packed battery backup.

Hammer Conquer

bluetooth smart watch

This smartwatch is designed to look sleek and modern. It pairs easily with Android smartphones using the Hammer Fit App. Key features include customizable watch faces, heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, multiple sports modes, and a battery life of up to a week with moderate use.


Can I connect an Android smartphone with a Hammer smartwatch?

Most of our smartwatches are compatible with Android devices. Not only Android but our digital watches come with multiple compatibility for tablets, Mac, and IOS.

Do I need any app for Android smartwatch connection?

Yes, most Hammer smartwatches require a companion app to connect to an Android phone.

Are there good smartwatches for Android mobiles?

Conquer, Tussle, Arctic, Active Plus, Active 2.0 are some of the best Bluetooth calling smartwatches from Hammer that support Android connectivity.

At what price can I buy a smartwatch for Android mobile?

Under a pocket-friendly smartwatch budget of under Rs. 3000, one can effortlessly buy it for Android smartphone usage.

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