Best Truly Wireless Earbuds under Rs 2000

It all began when Apple decided to get rid of the audio jack on its smartphones and introduce wireless earbuds. Later on, several smartphone brands caught up to this trend and hence the truly wireless consumer market came into existence.

Consumers usually get confused between ‘wireless’ and ‘truly wireless’.

Let’s settle this, wireless earbuds are wireless in nature, thus the name but, the two earbuds are connected to each other through a cable. Although they connect wireless to your device but still are not entirely wireless. 

On the other hand, truly wireless earbuds are not connected to each other in any way other than wireless. They can be used individually and have no cable attached to them whatsoever.

Hammer True wireless earbuds India

Usually before purchasing any product people like to research a lot. They like to get to know the product, its alternatives, pros and cons and finally the pricing. 

Every consumer influences his/her decision based on the pricing of the product. It is safe to assume that Pricing of a product plays a major factor towards it sales. At Hammer, the product pricing is always kept in mind and it is ensured that the consumer gets the full value for his/her money.

Talking about truly wireless earbuds by Hammer, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions -

Why Should I opt for Wireless Earphones?

Wireless is the next best thing.

It is convenient - while doing daily chores, the wired earphone can cause a lot of trouble to the user, but truly wireless earphones completely eliminates this. It gives the user the freedom to move about freely without needing to worry about any cables.

It is easy to access - In the case of wired earphones, there was always a struggle of untangling the wires before usage but this problem is nonexistent in the case of truly wireless earphones.

Why Hammer?

Hammer is Indias first athleisure tech brand. At Hammer, we focus on providing high class technologically advanced products at a reasonable price. 

Which products are available?

Hammer has six varieties of truly wireless earbuds. They are -

  • Hammer KO Sports 
  • Hammer Solo 
  • Hammer Airflow 
  • Hammer Airtouch 
  • Hammer Solo 3.0
  • Hammer Solo Pro

Which Hammer product is the best for me?

Every Hammer product has its own features. All of these Hammer products are technologically advanced and are value for money products.

Which is the best product for me under Rs 2000?

The Hammer products that come under Rs 2000 price bracket are 

Hammer Airflow - Rs 1,349

Hammer Airtouch - Rs 1,799

Hammer Solo 3.0 - Rs 1,899

How do the truly wireless earbuds connect to my device?

All Hammer truly wireless earbuds come equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for the seamless audio experience. Bluetooth 5.0 is compatible with all the other older versions of Bluetooth. The earbuds are compatible with both android and iOS devices.

How do I turn on my earbuds?

The truly wireless earphones turn on automatically once they are taken out of the charging case. Once they are out they automatically connect to the user’s device making it easier for the consumer. After use when the earphones are placed back in the case they automatically turn off.

How long do the earphones last on a single charge?

All Hammer truly wireless earbuds come with long-lasting battery life, for example, the Hammer Solo 3.0 comes with a total playtime of 4-5 hours plus the case doubles as a charger that further multiplies the longevity of the earphones. 

How do I charge my wireless earbuds?

The truly wireless earbuds charge through the case in which they come. The case can also be charged through the cable provided in the box. Usually, it takes about 1-2 hours to completely charge the earbuds. The charging time may vary depending on the size of the battery that comes along the earphones.

Do truly wireless earbuds come with button functions?

The truly wireless earbuds come with a multi-function button. This button can be used to pick up or end phone calls, also they can be used to pause or play music or adjust the volume. This multi-function button brings about the true wireless experience where the user need not access his device every time he/she needs to perform a task.

Will the truly wireless earbuds fall off easily while playing sports or working out?

All the Hammer truly wireless earbuds are designed uniquely, they come with a snug fit which prevents the earbuds from easily falling off. The earbuds feature a lightweight build which enables the user to wear it for longer periods of time. In addition to this, all Hammer earbuds are water and sweatproof, so there is no chance of spoilage while working out or playing sports.

Since there are no cables involved, will the audio input of the truly wireless earbuds be not up to the mark?

This is absolutely wrong. While designing truly wireless earbuds, Hammer tried to have an all-round approach so that there are no corners cut in customer satisfaction. All the truly wireless earbuds from Hammer have built-in Microphones which capture high-quality audio.

Hammer Airflow Truly Wireless Earbuds Athelisure

In conclusion, we can say that truly wireless earbuds are here to stay in the ever-growing market and will only get better as technology improves every day.  

Hammer’s truly wireless earbuds would be the go-to choice when it comes to buying on a small budget. Hammer’s products are technologically advanced and affordable at the same time. We also provides different discount coupons on multiple partner websites

Hammer products can also be purchased on all leading e-commerce websites.

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