An Adapter that Adapts to your Needs

As human beings, we are surrounded by growing technology and the growing consciousness about its negative effects has made us shift from conventional sources of energy to more eco-friendly, non-conventional sources. No wonder that a lot of electronic waste has been produced by us. That’s why we have shifted almost all our electronic devices to rechargeable batteries.

Each device needs a different adapter. For bigger batteries to keep running devices for longer, the normal adapter is too low-powered. While a low-powered charger does charge your device, the speed is very slow and one cannot let their phones charge for an hour or two for just a mere 30% increase in battery percentage. It is not just about convenience, but the value of time and productivity. 

Keeping this need in mind, some well-known brands have developed adapters that meet everyone’s needs. One amongst them is the Hammer lifestyle.

Hammer Power Delivery 20W Type C Fast Charging Adapter is one stop for all your charging needs. With its 20W charging, your phones, wireless speakers, headphones, earphones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices will be charged in no time. But why should we consider Hammer PD 20W adapter over all other competitors in the market?


Hammer PD 20W Adapter allows superfast charging with all devices that have a type C charging port through a USB wire. It comes at an affordable price with an intelligent chip, because your smart device deserves smart protection for every buck you spend. With robust quality and power delivery of up to 20W, this adapter is compatible with all new generation phones as well as Bluetooth devices that have USB C-type charging pins.

Just like its other products, Hammer has made sure to take a step ahead to ensure that the consumers get what they deserve, adding special features to its adapter. It is lightweight and compact, and thus travel-friendly. With its fast charging technology, it keeps in mind the different needs of different devices, offering an exclusive multi-protection safety system that combines overvoltage protection, temperature control, short circuit protection, and more to provide all-around protection for you and your devices. It is not just easy to fit into your bag for travel, but is lightweight, too!

All prepaid deliveries are free when ordered from Hammer's website, and the payment can be completed with a 0% interest EMI, powered by Walnut369, so you only pay what you asked for.

Thus, making it the best adapter for all devices, Hammer PD 20W Fast Charging adapter comes out as people's favorite choice and the best in quality, price, and functionality.

So the next time you want to buy one adapter for all your devices, you know your best choice!

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