7 Best Exercises to do at Home For a Healthy and Active Body

Due to the COVID situation, people aren't allowed, or we can say they don't even prefer to go outside. Some of us had to quit our gym routine because of this COVID situation. But a wise man once said that health brings wealth. So all of us have to take care of our health and involve home exercises into our routine daily. The home workout is the best of all the exercise routines as all the activities are body weight, and everyone can easily do them in the comfort of their homes. They also require little to no equipment, making them an excellent option for everyone who cannot invest in exercising equipment right now. Also, gyms are a risky place due to the ongoing pandemic, and it is best to avoid them right now.

Following are the top 7 home workouts for a healthy and active body. Follow these workouts to have a healthy and fit routine when you are forced to stay inside your home in this pandemic.


Pushups are one of the most effective body weight exercises for chest and arm muscles. The target area depends on the posture and positioning of our hands. Pushups can help improve the chest, biceps, and triceps muscles depending on the hands' position.

pushups workout


Squats help to improve the leg muscles, core muscles, hips and, lower back. The target area depends on the position of the legs. Stand up with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders to target thigh muscles. The extra widening in the legs helps in improving hip muscles.

squats workout


The best body weight exercise for abs and core muscles is Plank. Start with Pushups position and put weight on your forearms. Try to stay in this position for as long as you can. This will strengthen your core and it also improves mental stability.

plank workouts


The best lower body exercise for core and stability are lunges. It helps improve balance, which is essential for all life activities, and we need it in life. Walk with a leg in front of the other and bend the leading leg, and then walk by bending both legs turn by turn.

Lunges workouts

Russian Twist

In this exercise, the full-body gets activated and helps in improving balance and targets mainly the core and side abs, which are usually hard to target.

Russian Twist

Bicycle crunch

This is a full-body movement exercise. Sit on the ground, move your legs like you are riding a bicycle. Further, move your elbow towards the opposite knee. This leads to most of the pressure on the lower back and abs.

Bicycle crunch

Jumping Jacks

The best cardio exercises for the whole body are jumping jacks. There are a lot of benefits of jumping jacks, do include them in your daily exercise routine. It can improve stamina, strengthen the heart, build strong muscles and helps in weight loss.

Jumping Jacks

So these are the top 7 exercises to do at home for a healthy and fit body. Do include these activities in your daily routine to get better results for your body and integrate a fitness regime into your everyday life.

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