Neeraj Chopra Gold Medalist Tokyo Olympic 2020

“Success is just one step away once you diagnose your strength. The rest follows”

At an early age of 23, Neeraj Chopra proved the same. He established a successful benchmark by being an inspiration for budding athletes. He recognised his strength and together with hard work, turned his own vision into reality.  .

On 7 Aug 2021, Neeraj Chopra created history by throwing javelin at 87.58m and became the first Indian track and field athlete to bag a gold medal for India in Tokyo Olympics 2020. This is not only Neeraj’s achievement  but a huge milestone for India as India received the gold medal after 120 years in the Olympics. This achievement is eternal and would continue to inspire many behind him.

Neeraj Chopra comes from a small village Khandra in Haryana. He is the son of Satish Kumar and Saroj Devi and was born on 24 Dec 1997. He has a typical Haryanvi background. He had to deal with obesity during his childhood which was one reason why his father made him join a local gym. He also used to visit the Panipat Sports Authority of India Centre and later began to recognise his passion aligning in one strong direction. Jaiveer Choudhary, his Panipat coach pushed his limits and moulded his interest into Javelin. He observed that Neeraj  could throw a 40m javelin without training and knew somewhere that the boy had a potential he was unaware of. From here, the journey of his highest throws began!

Years passed and Neeraj improved massively in Javelin. His hard work was grooming him and to prove his decision right, He participated in many state, national and international competitions. Every competition brought in success for Neeraj and he realized his strength in Javelin.  

When Neeraj was interviewed, he said that the night before the big day was crucial because he was to compress all his 5 year continuous hard work into the next day. More than being nervous, he was excited and wanted to witness himself performing at his best.

His first two throws in Tokyo Olympics 2020 were just perfect and made his focus pretty clear. These were 87.03m and 87.58m respectively. Neeraj said he was completely satisfied with both his throws and knew deep down that he would nail in the final attempt. Despite the fact that his competitors had a successful javelin throw background. Neeraj had confidence in himself and his hard work.

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