Hammer Expands Partnership with Indian Tech Solution Provider Company - Redington

Hammer x Redington

The Shark Tank famed brand- Hammer Lifestyle by Rohit Nandwani is one of the leading tech companies in India. With a plethora of digital products like Bluetooth smartwatches, headphones, truly wireless earbuds, soundbars, Bt speakers, smart electronic toothbrushes, wired earphones, and important charging essentials, it has a strong customer base. Hammer aims at delivering high-quality tech gadgets at a very pocket-friendly price. The latest customizable features and high-end performance capabilities of Hammer products will leave anyone jaw-dropping. Its watches and other categories come in sleek and fashionable designs to cater a wider user, especially sports and fitness enthusiasts. Hammer has entered a partnership with Redington to bring a comprehensive selection of smart wearables online for maximum user reach.

A hallmark of technology, innovation, and association, Redington Limited was established in 1993. Today, it is a company of US $8.4 billion in the field of distribution and supply chain solutions provider. In the full-fledge competitive world, Redington offers its hands in IT and Mobility spaces to over 290+ global brands. Its portfolio offers Technology, Logistics, BPM, Redington Online Cloud Quarks and Financial Services. It has several sister websites namely: ProConnect Integrated Logistics, CloudQuarks, Redington Online, Redington Solar, Online Dispute Resolution, Redserv, and Redington Foundation. The seamless work dedication and future-forward approach make Redington a top-notch brand company.

In conclusion, this exclusive partnership of Hammer Lifestyle with Redington Online will undoubtedly pave the pathway in revolutionizing the smart wearables market, enriching the user experience, and meeting the industrious needs of our customer segment.  Redington online e-commerce platform is committed to offering the best digital shopping adventure to its partners with exciting discounts, reasonable prices, and easy payments.

Now explore fresh editions of Hammer products on Redington Online to elevate your tech-savvy collection.

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