HAMMER successfully creates a niche for the Athleisure Tech brand; plans to launch tech-savvy innovative products this year

The fashion industry has witnessed a major transformation in recent years. One such trend was the adoption of Athleisure wear in our lifestyle. Most of us reading this won’t even know what exactly is Athleisure. And when this word has taken over most of the generation, you ought to know what it is!  

So, as the name expands Athleisure accounts for “Fitness+comfort”. Comfort being the primal focus, this segment seems to be existing from long ago. Ever wore pyjamas while travelling? You got the point now!

The Athleisure wear industry has become an integral part of the new-age fashion. Blending it with the Audio sector, The Athleisure tech is increasingly picking up pace. Fit bits have been available for long but having a dedicated place for such products in the Audio industry is indeed a huge milestone. One such notable brand that made this possible and deserves a mention is HAMMER

Being the first to touch the Athleisure segment, HAMMER has built a recognised name in no time.


When questioned about how Mr. Rohit Nandwani, COO, HAMMER, brainstormed about the idea of the start-up, he explains, ‘’We wanted to fill in the hole that the leaders in the same industry were leaving behind. The launch of Apple’s air pods and the removal of headphone jacks eventually led to the creation of a new industry for wireless earphones. But this eventually wasn’t just enough to start with. We wanted to create something in the same industry but in a distinctive niche. This is how we grabbed the opportunity  and placed ourselves as India’s first Athleisure Tech Brand.” 

Further sharing his experiences about the roller coaster ride at HAMMER, Rohit fills in, ‘’We received a phenomenal response within just one year of our inception. All thanks to the increasing need of technology, it actually helped us to come up with HAMMER and introduce a high-end athleisure tech brand. Our sales turnover in 2020 was 14 crores approximately. We are elated that we could receive a good response from the customers. Majorly, for now, the orders that we receive are mostly from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.’’ 

With the pandemic tossing our lives upside down, many businesses suffered a huge setback. So did them! But now with the new normal, they have been making efforts to streamline the operation and hit the market back with a bang. 

When questioned about the post-COVID situation and strategies, he said, ‘’the pandemic did bring in a challenge for us to increase our online visibility but we love to conquer anything that seems hard at first. That’s what outshined later. Ever since the pandemic has spread its arms, so have we by working aggressively into making the digital platforms our sole home. The future is digital and we are building newer strategies to capture most of the online platforms. As we say ‘We are present where our potential customers are’. That is where our ideology resides!’’ 

They have indeed upscaled the Athleisure market by adding a section of ‘tech’ in it. On probing him about what sets them apart from the other players in the market, Rohit says, “Through our products, we say out loud that we are here to promote an active lifestyle by encouraging people to workout as a part of an enjoyment.”

Hammer has a diverse product portfolio of hearables and wearable accessories. Sharing details about the USP of Hammer and its products, he shares, ‘’Our product design is what differs us from the other players in the market. We’ve been promoting Fit don’t fall through our campaigns so as to disseminate a message that by wearing HAMMER you’ll experience a snug fit that definitely won’t fall off. Our aim is to provide high-quality products at affordable pricing. Since every product requires different technology, we have a stringent 66-point quality checklist right from the factory to the hands of the users including drop test, water-resistance test, just to name a few.”

When probed about the future expansion and investment plans, he shares, ‘’As of now, we have a control of 2.1% of the share in the audio market. Having said this, we do plan to grow and prosper. We wish to spoil our users for choices by launching innovative products with advanced technology.’’   

Shedding light on the mission and vision of the company, Rohit answers in a crisp one-liner, ” With Hammer, We’ll continue to satisfy the requirements from our customers and would generate trendy audio gadgets in the coming years ahead. We won’t deviate from Athleisure tech, that’s our sole aim. We are coming up with a newer version of smartwatches and earbuds in 2021 to match the latest technology”

For a startup brand to pull off everything from scratch is indeed a task, And when the point is to make its own community. HAMMER has come up clean with every bit of it. 

The founder added that “Initially, we did face downfalls but we never saw them as a sign of regret but have always learned well from them and grown overtime. You should learn from your mistakes is a quote that may sound cliche but Trust me that really works and helps you rise”

They have been performing well in the online space. However, he gave us a hint about their foray into the offline market. He shared, ‘’ The digital arena has been a boon for us. However, we do plan to go offline soon. We are still working on the plans and in talks for the same.’’ 

For the budding startups, Rohit suggested “Build your unique segment first and then continue to work in the same direction, you’ll see wonders”

Further, he added “We are still thriving to beat the competition and will continue to call ourselves a start-up undoubtedly for years ahead because that’s what keeps us going”

The Athleisure tech industry is booming and brands like Hammer have further helped drive the growth of this sector. The customers will be in for a treat as with each passing day, technological advancements are happening and this will further aid in the launch of innovative and tech-savvy products

Product Review

Hammer KO Unisex Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Truly Wireless Earbuds with Touch Control

Hammer KO Unisex Bluetooth 5.0 Sports earbuds offer multiple usages ranging from making calls, to listening to music while working out. It offers ergonomic features and chic designing at an affordable pricing. 

This product comes with high-sensitivity touch sensors that can detect even the slightest of touches. They are designed with premium quality technology to ensure that they provide high-end features along with a good user experience to their customers. 

The brand offers this piece with a snug fit making it easy to carry and is definitely an ideal companion for traveling purposes. The earbuds provide hassle-free usage as they come with easy accessibility to adjust volume settings, change the music tracks, etc. Its contemporary and sleek design makes the product ideal for your workout sessions. They are light and comfy to use and unlike other fellow players, They offer the right fit and won’t cause any discomfort to your ear.  

Another unique technology that they offer is their free fall designing. They come with a strong grip and won’t fall and won’t even restrict the user. Their auto pairing feature helps sync both the earbuds smoothly. 

Its Bluetooth V5.0 technology aids in 2x enhanced transmission speed along with zilch technical errors like signal drops or music cutoffs. The notable point is that these earbuds are recharged completely in just 2 hours. And once charged, they have an extended shelf life and will last up to 20 hours. Their wireless charging option makes them all the easier to handle. 

Its compatibility with iOS and android gives it an edge over the other players in the market. Another unique feature is that this piece comes with a water-resistant body. Additionally, as its name suggests, its use is not limited to any specific gender which makes it the go-to option for your earbuds requirement. 

Priced at Rs. 2,799, KO Unisex Bluetooth would be an ideal choice to use during your workout regime due to its water-resistant and comfy features.  

Source:- https://techstory.in/hammer-successfully-creates-a-niche-for-the-athleisure-tech-brand-plans-to-launch-tech-savvy-innovative-products-this-year/

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