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(Refurbished) Hammer G-Shots Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds (Black)

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Unveiling the Box: What's in Store for You

Unbox the entrance to an unrivalled gaming adventure rather than just some earbuds. G Shot gaming earphones promises the best audio quality, a constant connection, and an ergonomic design. Enter a world where success is at your fingertips.

Smart Touch Controls at Your Fingertips:

Make the most of your gaming experience with simple touch controls. With a single touch, you can quickly switch between music and gaming modes, manage calls, control playback, and activate your voice assistant. With G Shot, you have complete control over the situation.

Dive into Uninterrupted Gaming with Waterproof Confidence:

G Shot TWS Earbuds is your constant companion, unaffected by drizzle and splashes, come rain or shine. Conquer your virtual world knowing that, no matter the weather, your auditory adventure will not be hampered. G Shots Earphones keeps the thrill inside while keeping the water outside.

Ignite Your Gameplay with Bluetooth 5.3v Brilliance:

Utilise Bluetooth's 5.3 volts of electricity to ignite your games. Explore a world of detailed, captivating soundscapes that up the ante on the ferocity of your gaming. With the help of G Shot's cutting-edge technology, every aural detail—from the rustle of leaves to the crescendo of battle—reaches your ears in exquisite clarity.

Illuminate Your Victory with Gleaming LED Lights:

LED lights command the attention of the gaming audience. They not only improve your appearance but also highlight your accomplishments. Make a statement and dazzlingly celebrate each success.

Command and Communication:

Communication is crucial in video games, and G Shots Bluetooth Earbuds ensures your voice is heard clearly. Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology transmits your orders and tactics with unmatched clarity. Create alliances, plan your strategies, and enjoy the success of well-deserved wins.

Attention-Grabbing Sound Waves :

Redefine your gaming soundscape with G Shot bluetooth earphones. Thanks to the precision sound produced by the 10mm sound speakers, you are entirely engulfed in the virtual world. Every sound wave—from the quietest whispers to the loudest explosions—is a stroke of paint on the picture of your game tale.

Every millisecond counts with seamless connectivity:

Milliseconds can mean victory and defeat in video games. Within a 10-meter range, G Shots' Bluetooth v5.3 technology ensures quick, lag-free connections. Avoid being distracted and spend as much time as possible within your virtual world.

  • MRP: ₹4,999 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Generic Product Name: G-Shots
  • Registered Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103
  • Customer Care Contact Details: 99911-08081
  • Telephone Number: 0180-4008081
  • Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103

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Sunil Kumar Singh
Excellent Condition like brand new

Excellent Condition like brand new. Satisfied customer

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