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Hammer Robust Smartwatch & Solitude Bluetooth Earbuds (Combo)

Sale Price:Rs. 3,099.00 Regular price Rs. 13,999.00 Sale price
  • Large display watches
    1.96" Amoled Display
  • Bluetooth Calling Feature
  • Sports Modes Features
    Multiple Sports Mode
  • Spo2 Monitoring Feature
  • Waterproof Feature
    IP67 Water
  • Calling Mic

Metallic Glamour

The superior metallic finish body of the Hammer Robust smart watch combines style and durability. The sturdy construction, made of polycarbonate and embellished with a metallic finish, conveys refinement and endurance. It's a comfy and attractive accessory that compliments your everyday style when combined with skin-friendly straps.

Dynamic Display

Immerse yourself in the brightness of the Hammer Robust's large 1.96" AMOLED display. With a resolution of 410*502 PX, this gorgeous screen brings your watch face and alerts to life with rich colours and strong contrasts. As a result, you've created a visual masterpiece that turns your wristwatch into a compelling canvas for your digital life

Calling At Ease

Harness the power of hands free living with the Hammer Robust's built-in speaker and microphone. Answer and manage calls from your wrist, letting you stay connected while on the road. The advanced speaker technology delivers clear and crisp music, while the simple controls let you easily change volume, switch between ringing and vibration modes, and regulate calls. Communication is at your fingertips with Hammer Robust Premium Smartwatch.

Holistic Health Tracker

With Hammer Robust's complete health monitoring tools, you may prioritize your well-being. Maintain constant monitoring of your essential health factors, such as heart rate, SpO2 levels, and sleep patterns. With the added convenience of female menstrual cycle monitoring, Hammer Robust smart watch guarantees that you remain proactive about your health and fitness objectives.

  • MRP: ₹13,999 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Generic Product Name: Robust + Solitude
  • Registered Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103
  • Customer Care Contact Details: 99911-08081
  • Telephone Number: 0180-4008081
  • Address: Sector-25, SCO-4, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Transport Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, 132103

Help Desk

Product Manual


About the product

Hammer Robust bluetooth calling smart watch comes with large 1.96" AMOLED and Always on Display, with 60Hz Refresh Rate, a resolution of 410*502 and 800 nits peak brightness, Find my watch/phone, 100+ in-app sports modes, music & camera controls, vibration intensity, step monitor, sleep monitor, spo2 watch, heart rate monitor, female health tracker, socials QR and Collection codes, calculator, alarm, weather report, split screen, and much more.

Hammer Robust offers 1.96" AMOLED with always on display and 800 nits’ brightness with a high resolution of 410*502 px that allows a clear vision and easy accessibility even under the sun.

You can choose from multiple languages including English and Hindi from the watch or Fitcloud Pro app. 

Yes, it comes with multiple sports modes and 100+ in-app sports modes, Robust fitness watch helps you to keep going & is the ultimate fitness tracker.

Yes, Hammer Robust calling smartwatch provides the functionality to accept and decline calls.

Yes, Hammer Robust bluetooth Smart watch is IP67 water-resistant and can take few splashes of water.

No, Hammer smart watches cannot be used while swimming. Robust is IP67 water resistant and can stand against few splashes of water.

No, Hammer Robust does not provide any camera, however, you can control the camera of your mobile device with the use of smartwatch.

No, we can’t see pictures on Hammer Robust.

Yes, Hammer Robust bluetooth watch provides you with the feature to play music when connected to the mobile device but does not provide you to store music on the smart watch.

Yes, Hammer Robust has a find watch option. The simple steps are - Open the App - Go to Device- Find Watch. The watch will start Vibrating with a sound, and you can easily locate your watch.

Yes, You can DIY your own wallpaper and choose from 100+ cloud and customized watch faces through the app. 

No, Hammer Robust does not allow you to play music to a Bluetooth headset. It can connect only to a mobile device.

Yes, Hammer Robust comes with raise to wake feature.

Yes, Hammer Robust comes with password protection.

Yes, Hammer Robust comes with many sensors that could help in tracking your daily routine and health measures. This includes menstrual cycle, SpO2, heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, reminders, sleep monitor, step counter etc.

Yes, Hammer Robust provides you with a stopwatch feature. The simple steps are- Turn on the screen of the smart watch - Go to the Stopwatch feature Press play to start the stopwatch - Press pause to pause it.

Let’s Get Started with the New Robust

To start with, firstly turn on the smartwatch, Search and select Hammer Robust in the list of available devices in your phone. A Prompt can be heard when paired successfully.

You can restart your Hammer Robust by pressing the button for at least 5 seconds and selecting RESTART.

This may be due to disruption in the connection between Hammer Robust and Fitcloud Pro App. Please check if your smart watch and your mobile device are within Bluetooth range and if the alerts have been turned on in the Fitcloud Pro App.

Power Up & Battery Refueling

Hammer Robust comes with 2 days of battery backup with bluetooth calling.

Battery life can be extended of your smart watch by less using Bluetooth calling or turning down the brightness level or turning off the automatic heart rate measurement via the Fitcloud Pro App.

Put your Hammer Robust bluetooth calling smart watch on charge for a minimum of 2 hrs. Once the watch gets 100% charged, unplug it from the charger.

You can track the battery level of Hammer Robust either on the watch display or through the Fitcloud Pro App.

Syncing & Working with the Fitcloud Pro App

Hammer Robust syncs data through the Bluetooth connection between mobile device and Fitcloud Pro App.

Fitcloud Pro App

The App used for best compatibility with Hammer Robust is Fitcloud Pro App.

You can manage your profile from Fitcloud Pro App with the following steps. Open the Fitcloud Pro App – Go to Me section – click on user name on top right – to set your Personal Information.

We can change the units of measurement on Hammer Robust through the Fitcloud Pro App. Follow these simple steps: Open the Fitcloud Pro App – Go to Me section – Click on Units –choose your desired unit.

Yes, you can track your workouts with Fitcloud Pro app with these simple steps. Open the Fitcloud Pro App – Stay at Home section – Click on the icon at top left and you get your workout tracking reports.

My Notifications

Yes, Hammer Robust allows you to see notifications from different social networking apps that gets automatically synced with Fitcloud Pro app from your mobile device when connected.

This could be due to disruption in the Bluetooth connectivity between your Hammer smart watch and Fitcloud Pro App. Check both the devices if they are in Bluetooth range or reconnect both the devices. Make sure that alerts are in active mode in the Fitcloud Pro App.

Yes, Hammer Robust digital watch with calling feature provides you with the feature to accept/ decline calls on the watch.

Yes, Hammer Robust has the option to silence the incoming call.

Yes, Hammer Robust allows you to see messages and caller information when connected with Fitcloud Pro App.

Yes, Hammer Robust allows you to read the incoming messages in the notifications section. Make sure that message notifications are in active mode on Fitcloud Pro App.

Hammer Robust Calling Smartwatch Features

Yes, Hammer Robust does have a pedometer.

Yes, we can track Heart rate both manually & automatically on Hammer Robust.

Yes, Hammer Robust offers Spo2 tracking features which helps you to track the blood oxygen levels.

Hammer Robust tracks the number of calories burned out upon your activity duration, steps taken and distance covered.

You can see heart rate on your Hammer Robust or Fitcloud Pro App with the sole condition that you must be wearing the smartwatch on your wrist.

Hammer Robust Digital Smartwatch Compatibility

Yes, Hammer Robust bluetooth smart watch is compatible with all iPhones versions iOS 10.0 and above.

Yes, Hammer Robust bluetooth smart watch is compatible with all android versions 5.1 and above.

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