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Hammer KO Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds with Smart Touch Controls

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Sound That Empowers Endless Adventure:

Introducing the KO Pro Bluetooth Earbuds, symbolising outstanding elegance and music quality. You're not just listening to music when you use these earbuds; you're setting off on a limitless audio journey. Immerse yourself in the world of alluring music, where every pulse animates your spirit, and every note reverberates with emotion.

The Power of Playtime

You have access to unrestricted playtime. The incredible 20 hours of playtime provided by the KO Pro Earbuds ensures you have music throughout the day. Experience uninterrupted aural bliss that keeps you motivated and engaged throughout your day, from your early morning commute to your challenging evening workouts.

Aesthetic Elegance

The KO Pro Earbuds combine aesthetic elegance with cutting-edge technology. These earbuds revolutionise the whole idea of style in audio equipment thanks to their clean, white design. They perfectly fit your routine, giving your everyday appearance a touch of refinement while providing excellent sound quality.

Immerse in Sound Waves

You can lose yourself in a rich audio world with KO Pro. These earbuds provide an audio experience that resonates deeply with your soul, from the heart-pumping pulses of your favourite songs to the calming melodies that raise your spirit.

Unstoppable Performance

Due to their IPX4 water resistance, the KO Pro Earbuds are designed to support you through every obstacle. These earphones are made to survive the weather so that your music will play while you traverse rugged terrain or test your limits during strenuous workouts.

Precision in Communication

Thanks to the Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) feature, crystal-clear discussions are no longer a luxury but the norm. Conversations can be confidently had because you can be heard even in noisy settings, making every conversation successful.

Connection Simplified

Enjoy the ease of auto-pairing as the KO Pro Earbuds connect to your device without any issues. Goodbye to manual pairing's complications and hello to hassle-free connectivity that makes sure your music is available whenever you are.

Responsive Touch Controls

Intelligent smart touch controls that are responsive at your fingers. You have complete control over your audio environment and can play, pause, skip tracks, or answer calls with a simple tap.

Voice Your Needs

The KO Pro Earbuds make harnessing voice assistants' power simple. You may stay connected while travelling by activating Siri or Google Assistant with a spoken command and navigating tasks, queries, and notifications hands free.

Introducing Bluetooth v5.3

Bluetooth v5.3 will take connectivity to a new level. Experience increased stability, improved performance, and lower power consumption to
guarantee a continuous and flawless audio experience.

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